need help

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  1. Dragonburst

    i need help

    i am trying to run a command when someone dies on death: make player run command "tag @p remove red_flag" as op on death: make player run command "tag @p remove blue_flag" as op i have skutilites on and am just trying to get rid of a single tag when they die
  2. zysw

    I made a lootbox but people can place it on the ground, anyone know how to fix this (the item is a chest)

    im having problems making it so people cant place it on the ground code: on join: add diamond to {items::*} add diamond sword to {items::*} on right click: if player is holding a chest named "lootbox": give player random element out of {items::*} remove 1 chest...
  3. Norbiros

    RTP is lagging!

    Hello, I wrote this code: command /rtp: description: Teleportuje gracza w losowe miejsce! trigger: if world is not "world": send "&cNie możesz używać tej komendy w &ltym świecie&c!" else: if difference between {servercore::rtp::%player%} and now <...
  4. C

    Is this possible? (I need help) / Player looking at player causes an effect?

    Hiya, I was just wondering if there was some sort of way that I could detect when someone is looking at a player, and if they are looking at a player, then affect that player? I'm basically trying to make it so that a user can't move when being looked at (like slowness 255 or something), but...
  5. Estebon5

    Is there a way to anti-imput items into chests?

    i've tried things than: on inventory click: if player's current inventory is {CHEST}: cancel event on swap hand items: if player's current inventory is {CHEST}: cancel event on inventory click: if player's current inventory is "CHEST": cancel event on swap hand items: if...
  6. A

    I need help in making a random block generator

    Hello i'm wondering how to make that when u right click a cd for example stal u get a random item except for bedrock. Can anyone help me?
  7. T

    Need help

    My code: command /punish <player>: permission: punish trigger: if "%arg-1%" is set: open chest inventory with 5 rows named "&3Punish" to player set {_menu} to current inventory of player set {punish.player} to "%arg-1%" set slot...
  8. Plantyz

    Solved Make player face direction?

    Hello. I'm trying to make a skript that makes the player face a direction, not spin the player. command /example: trigger: teleport player to (-10.500, 67.500, 187.500) in "void" make player face south This is an example, I want to make the player face south. Thanks...
  9. D

    Fast skript help

    on break of stone: add 1 to player's level give player 1 diamond of sharpness 1 without any NBT named "&b&lDiamond" ii need help can someone make it so it cancels event im so dumb to put it in and i may break the skript please just fix it and paste in in replys
  10. S

    Custom Sign

    Hi, how could I do something like that in Skript? My point is, that when you place a sign named "&c&lStaff Sign" it doesn't open the "Edit Sign Message" Menu, it just places the sign and sets the lines of it. (this code is just an example, it doesn't work) set {_staffsign} to oak sign named...
  11. C

    Problem With Variables

    i am trying to recreate parts of skyfactory like silkworms and i have tried to do it but i can't get it to work properly on right click: if {Running} is equal to 1: if targeted block is oak leaves: if distance between targeted block and player is less than or equal to 5...
  12. C

    Solved GUI ban skript not running commands

    i've been making a gui ban skript or my server for a few hours and i can't get it to run commands anymore it worked fine before but it just stopped working for some reason i am using skript 1.14 thanks for any help here is the skript command /punish <offline player>: permission: sc.punish...
  13. couger44

    Solved Read the level of the enchant.

    Hi everyone, A while ago I was thinking about doing a skript about directly adding the mined items to the inventory, for my server. I did it but then I started to think and I said what happened if the player had fortune how could it be done so that the number of items would double depending on...
  14. A

    make some block falling with animation

    I need a script that create some falling block like Meteor in the sky... they don't have only to fall in vertical but like that - . ......- . ............ - . ................ - . ....................... - - -- ---------------- --- - - is it possible?
  15. T

    Solved Variable inside a variable?

    Skript Version: latest stable version Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Hello there, As I described in the title, I am attempting to use a variable inside another variable. I know about {variable.%player%}, but here I think I need something more specific. Anyway, here's my code...
  16. K

    Solved Help with a script!

    So my problem is that is says "bandemoremedlem2(p: player) is not a text" Heres is the part of the script: function bandemoremedlem2(p: player): set {_bankkonto} to "%{bander::%{bande::%{uuid::%{_p}%}%}%::bankkonto}%" parsed as a number if {_bankkonto} is more than 9999: add 1...
  17. E

    Help pls with Armour and lore

    so i was try to to use lore and put a lore called like flash for example right but i i want it so when the player wears the any boots with &6Flash I to have speed 1 but when they take off the boots with &6Flash I they wont get speed how do i do that cause i tried and i keep getting errors so...
  18. S

    Solved Simple Comand Cooldown [Help]

    Hello, I want to create a simple command with Cooldown for my server. But he does not work the way I would like it. Pls Help me ======================================================== command /feed: trigger: player has permission "lul": set {_diff} to difference...