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  1. DankThanos

    How to make a system that removes a specific index of list and move all indexes after that down 1 step?

    I am making a /changelog command and I am trying to make a remove system, by running the command /changelog remove 2 it should remove the 2nd row of the changelog and move the rows beneath it up one step. Although, the last row doesn't seem to correctly change position. if i would have the...
  2. llamab0i

    Create Empty List/Array

    How do I make an empty list? In my code I just do set {list::*} to "", but then there's an annoying empty first value. There has to be a better way
  3. xWires

    Solved Removing an element from a list variable not working properly

    When I remove an element from a list variable, instead of deleting the element, it is just set to <none>, so if you remove the first element of a list with delete {testlist::1} and use this code to look at the list of variables: loop {testlist::*}: send "%loop-index%. ""%loop-value%""" it...
  4. ReaMart

    Solved Get length of list

    I'd like a way to do something when the length of my list is above two aka the list contains more than two items. It could be a conditional or something to be in an if statement.
  5. N

    Solved Shop Skript but how do i use list variables to add more than 1 item

    Ive made this skript however i can only have 1 item I would like to have more than 1 item in the shop from using the command but i don't know how to do this on right click on villager: if name of villager is "&6&lTestShop": set metadata tag "Shop-Test" of player to chest inventory with 2...
  6. E

    Message to player with most damage (enderdragon)

    Hello guys, i need help. with my ender dragon event. If a player did the most damage, he has to get a present or something like that. But how can i do it? Here is my code: it's not the full code btw :) only this part is necessary i gues
  7. E

    How to create predefined arguments A player can choose from a list?

    not much to say, can you create something like this:
  8. H

    Problem in setting list variable value

    I want to change multiple value of list at once. For example, I already have written down this phrase. set {list::*} to 100 But results are not what I expect. This phrase removes previous data of list, and inserts new data. So, list's (index : value) set to (1:100) How can I solve this issue?
  9. J

    Ranking system?

    How can I create a ranking system with a skript? I have a list in which the kills of a player are listed. How can I make it so that when I enter /stats that there is, for example, Place: 14#
  10. A

    How do I add arguments to a list?

    So I’m trying to make a friends list on my server (adding, removing, opening friend list, all that stuff), and I’m pretty sure I might be doing something wrong. I also want to figure out how to make each person have their own friends list. I’m just learning skript, so I’m going to make plenty of...
  11. acai

    Skript List Variables

  12. S

    Get the variable with the highest value?

    Hi, so i got 10 players, each with a variable named {votes.%player%}, and i want to find the name of the player with most votes. I've been trying for around 6 hours, and havent found a solution for this, so hope someone would help. Thanks in advance!
  13. W

    List variable issue?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently using list variables and I'm having trouble getting them to do what I want. My test code should have 3 variables in"{testvar::*}", however, after adding 10 onto Test1 its adds another blank variable to "{testvar::*}". The output is my code is shown here. Any help is...
  14. K

    List Command

    Hello, anyone knows how to do a /list command like this? here is my IMG if isn't posted
  15. L

    List help

    I have an error with my list: command /frlist <text>: trigger: send "%{_%arg 1%::*}%" every tick: delete {peasant.farmrank::*} delete {farmer.farmrank::*} delete {planter.farmrank::*} delete {rancher.farmrank::*} delete {farmhand.farmrank::*} delete...
  16. L

    Solved split String at "\n"

    Hello ! TLDR: I want to split text "variable \n variable \n variable" on each "\n" and turn "variable" into an element of a list. After looking in java code, docs and other horrible things i'm in front of this little easy problem but i just can't find the right exact way to write it. So i...
  17. C

    Solved Command List Scenarios(Text)

    Category: UHC Spigot/Skript Version: PaperSpigot 1.8.8-R0.1-Snapshot, Skript: 2.2 dev 36 What I want: Ok so, I run a server and host games frequently but players keep wanting to know what game modes the game is each time (different all the time). I need something where I do /scenadd <scen1>...
  18. N

    Solved Storing blocks into a list on break then putting them back after a specific time.

    So as the title says I basically want to store a broken block into a list then placing them back again in the same location after a specific time has gone. I didn't manage to do it, so here's my code: on enable: set block at {cave::cobble} to cobble on disable: set block at {cave::cobble}...
  19. H

    List loop

    Trying to make this work, currently it adds 4 reports when reporting a player, if i report multiple players with multiple reasons they will all have the same reason, reported by etc. No reload errors Skript Version (do not put latest): 2.4-beta7 Skript Author: Hartvig Minecraft Version: 1.12...
  20. T

    Solved List of skript placeholders to use?

    Hello, So I am making a hub skript with a scoreboard. I want people to be able to edit this easily by using placeholders. I know there are a few possible in skript like %player% and to get the world of a player and stuff. But is there somewhere a list with all placeholders built in to Skript...