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  1. K

    Crafted item slot in the inventory?

    I want to make a custom item displayed in the slot of the craft station in the player inventory. What is the id of that slot?
  2. F

    Solved Setting the number in item's lore as a variable

    Hey everyone! I need your help about two problems. I am trying to make a money bag skript. Basically, when player right clicks with a book, I want an inventory to open with the number of gold nuggets according to the item's lore. Check the code you will get what I mean. on right click with book...
  3. F

    Detecting the cause of "on inventory close:"

    Is there a condition that distinguishes whether the player closed the menu by pressing 'E'/'Esc' or if it was closed via the "close player's inventory" effect? I need a condition like: on inventory close: if event-inventory is closed by player: #do stuff else: #do stuff
  4. F

    Solved Renaming a stack according to its amount

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it is possible to rename an item according to its amount. For example, when a player has a stack of diamonds, I want its name to be "64 Diamonds". And when the number is updated, (for example when player drops it) I want its name to be "63 Diamonds" automatically...
  5. eyzk

    Script SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 2.2-dev34+

    SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 Simple, customizable backpacks in just 10 lines (when compressed)! Compressed? Remove all notes, options, line breaks, and permissions for 10-lines of backpacking beauty! Download the file above, or copy the code from below. # SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 # Please do not delete...
  6. J

    Solved solved

  7. G

    inventory change

    is there a way I can stop people from moving an item from their inventory into a chest/echest/shulker/barrel I tried this on inventory change: if item is example item: cancel event but that didn't work and I checked in the parser and it said it wouldn't work I tried several other things...
  8. M

    Help with: if all items in player's inventory

    How i can do skript like this: if all items in player's inventory where [name of input is "&9Ball", amount is "11"] is set: Or something else with it: if all items in player's inventory where [name of input is "&9Ball"] is set:
  9. AsuDev

    Skript Chest Inventory Serialization (SkBee)

    This is a little tutorial on how to serialize chest inventories and items using SkBee. Main serialization function function serializeInventoryContents(inv: inventory) :: objects: loop (rows of {_inv})*9 times: set {_i} to slot (loop-value - 1) of {_inv} set...
  10. T

    Anvil renaming does not work on virtual inventory

    Script Version: 2.6.3 Minecraft Version: 1.19 Code: open anvil inventory to player
  11. sluhtie

    Custom Model Data GUI

    Hey, I'm looking for a way to create gui with custom model data to the player. Is that somehow possible?
  12. C

    Endersee skript

    I want an endersee skript /endersee
  13. Hiddencode

    I have a question with enchanted books (I pay whoever helps solve it)

    Hi Skunity Guys, I've been trying to solve a problem with enchanted books for a long time, and I'm willing to pay whoever gets the hang of it. I'm doing a gui to enchant objects but I can't make the script detect if the player has a sharpness book in their inventory and then remove it and apply...
  14. Z

    Solved Set inventory slot for specific item only?

    Hello! Is it possible to set slot in player's inventory to only one item? For an example: Slot 9 of player's inventory is locked, and you can't put any items in it, except stone. So the slot would be locked for every other item than stone. I've been trying to figure this out for hours. Can...
  15. O

    Help with shulker boxes

    I was checking if there was a way to check the items inside a shulker box inside a player's inventory maybe using like NBT or something along those lines. If you don't know, then that's fine, thanks anyways.
  16. Shadow Klassic

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    How do i set the inventory crafting grid of a player set to specific items?
  17. D

    How to save player's armor

    Hey, I'm trying to write an inventory save script for my citybuild script, everything works fine except the armor is not saved? Does anyone know maybe how to save the armor in a value and recall it? Thanks already!
  18. pokw

    Loop the inventory of player's tool

    How do I loop the inventory of a player's tool? This is the code I have right now if someone can help. command /command: trigger: player's tool is shulker: loop the inventory of player's tool: if loop-inventory contains dirt: send "loop inventory contains dirt"...
  19. S

    error code inventory of the player is not a world

    i fixed it.
  20. G

    Set slot item bugged

    Hello everyone! so i make a skript when a player click on anvil crafting gui showed, but when i close the gui the item in 3rd slot of my toolbar cant be move it only happend with stone blocks please help! on inventory click: if inventory name of current inventory of player is...