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  1. T

    (Help) Defining Variable as a function

    Hello, im quite new to skript so im not sure of how to do this. This is my current code: variables: {Souls} = 1 {SoulDMGHP} = (2+{Souls}/10) {SoulTimer} = (2+{Souls}/25) However it doesnt understand the functions that i want to use to determine the variables.Is there a way to fix...
  2. V

    Server IP/web address

    Is it possible to somehow find the server's IP/web address with a script? And if so how, because I was trying to do it myself, but didn't got really far. I heard that it is possible, but I don't really know if thats true or not.
  3. R

    My scoreboard doesn't update

    Hi im working on a sell system. im working on Minecraft 1.20 and using SkBee, skript api, skrayfall and skript-guis. But on my scoreboard when you gain money it doesnt update. Code: On join: if {bal::%uuid of player%} is not set: set {bal::%uuid of player%} to 100 every 1...
  4. L

    I want to make a simple eggwars skript (more info below)

    I want to make a simple eggwars skript (no idea stealing) that works like this: When you type the command "/join eggwars" in chat you will be teleported to the world "eggwars" to the position 0 0 0, after the map have at least 2 players it will start a countdown from 30 to 0, after the countdown...
  5. Kowal9833

    Moving item from one list to another.

    I have some trouble with my skript. Items should be saved in "drops" list after death, and when the items despawn, they should be moved from "drops" list to "stuff" list. Items do save in "drops" list, but I have problems moving them to "stuff" list after items despawn. So I'm doing something...
  6. B

    Can i please have help with this code it says it cannot understand "loop all players" this is my code

    loop all players: if player's offhand tool is white stained glass named "&f&lInvisibility &7&lStone" with lore "&f&lHold In Offand To Be Granted The Power Of Invisibility": apply Invisibility 1 to player for 999 days else: remove Invisibility from the player command...
  7. TactonicYt

    cant parse after many tries it shows none as output

    set {_amount} to {_amountStr} * {_multiplier}
  8. S

    Custom Items not defined

    So in the Lifesteal-SMP-Plugin the "lives" (hearts) are red dye but with NBT data, in my /dupe script if I blacklist red dye it can still be duped, but if I add the actual ingame name "heart_item" the skript runs into an error. Same with the beacon "revive_beacon" and carrot on a stick...
  9. W

    custom fortune drops

    im making a boxs server on minehut and i dont know how to make a skript that makes it so the level of fortune gives one more drop so for example no fortune drops 1 gold (from gold ore) fortune 1 gives 2 gold and so on. So can somone please code that.
  10. M

    Solved How do i remove text above players?

    i have a skript that shows player health above players but i dont know how to remove the text with code, how can i do this? the skript: on join: while player is online: loop all players: set score "&c❤" below player to player's health for loop-player wait...
  11. M

    Solved Invalid amount or placement of brackets error in my broadcasts

    I keep getting the error "Invalid amount or placement of brackets. Please make sure that each opening bracket has a corresponding closing bracket." on lines 20, 23, 27, 31, 35 it was because i put a % sign in
  12. M

    My skript doesn't work

    Can anyone tell me why this does not work: {1_::%uuid of player%} is already defined " command /loot2 [<offline player>]: permission: trigger: if {_1::%uuid of arg-1%} is not set: send "1" to arg-1 if {1_::%uuid of arg-1%} is not set...
  13. C

    Help with killing named entities

    Hi there! This is my first post here so apologies if I don't have the rules quite under my belt yet. I am making a kit in a 1.8.9 kitpvp server that summons named wolves with a bone, and I wanna make it so the wolves are killed (:<) when the player dies or has their inventory cleared (I have it...
  14. Circuit2006

    Death counter 1.18.2

    I am VERY new to this skripting stuff and I am trying to setup a basic Death counter, This is the code could anyone explain to me why it isn't working? variables: {%player%.deaths} = 0 {%player%.total_deaths} = 0 on join: broadcast "Welcome %player% to the server!" set...
  15. AFRICA1155

    Custom Biome IDs

    Hey guys, I'm can't find a way atm to extract custom non-villa biome IDs out of skript. Every time I try to do it, it just returns something along the lines of 'biomes.custom'. I'd like to be able to do this, because it allows a bit of interaction between certain kits I made on my server and the...
  16. M

    Can't figure out how to make command

    I have the first part, I just can't figure where to start with this. I'm trying to make a command that creates a new custom mineable block. We have it hardcoded currently, but a command would save a LOT of space. This is the code I have now: command /newblock [<Block>} [<Name>] [<Lore>]...
  17. E

    Help Skript: if player's balance is more than or equal to

    Hi, I have encountered an error that I cannot understand in my script ERROR: [04:04:16 WARN]: Empty configuration section! You might want to indent one or more of the subsequent lines to make them belong to this section or remove the colon at the end of the line if you don't want this line to...
  18. H

    How to Infinity

    I know there is another forum with the same name or similar name but I did not understand I want to make a pet I have a problem in making a circle is infinite if anyone can solve my problem Sorry for writing all this in bad English Has been a translator
  19. S

    Solved Give player default item

    Sooo, i want to make a shop system, but i don't want to do an if statement for every item so i came up with this code: on right click: if name of event-entity is "&7Schmied": open chest with 4 rows named "&8Schmiedin" to player loop 9 times: set slot loop-number + 26 of player's...
  20. I

    Help on Gen Skript

    I have a generator skript that works like a charm, it works like how you want it to work. But there's a problem. The part of the skript that allows the owner to be able to remove the generator (and only the owner who have placed the generator) is kinda broken. It was working fine when i was...