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Addon TuSKe - Custom Enchantments, GUI Manager and more! 1.8.2

A Skript addon which brings custom things to help you to improve your scripts.

  1. Internal Changes

    • Fixed conflicts with Skript dev32+.
    • Fixed issues from issues tacker.
    • Added support to use a list of permissions in execute command with permission effect.
      Code (Skript):
      2. execute player command "/cmd" with permissions "first.permission" and "second.permission"
    Internal changes:
    • Changed documentation generator system, cleaned the code and added...
  2. Important bug fixes.

    [+] Added:
    • Added support for on break event in effect cancel drops. It allows you to prevent the drops of event-block. (For 1.12+ only)
    [+] Fixed:
    • Fixed a issue with Advanced GUIs caused by the last update. If you are in TuSKe 1.8 and use advanced guis, it's recommended that you update it.
    • Some final fixes for Recipe Manager: Shapeless recipe now works fully to accept custom ingredients....
  3. 1.12 Recipes support, fixes and small additions.

    [+] Added:

    • Expressions to create knowledge books containing recipes:
      Code (Skript):
      1. #A list of recipes of a knowledge book. Can be edited.
      2. knowledge(s| recipes) of %itemstack%
      3. %itemstack%'[s] knowledge(s| recipes)
      5. #Returns a knowledge book with given recipes
      6. %itemstack% with [recipes] %recipes%
    • Added a syntax filter for evaluate effect. Read more about it at documentation or...
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  4. Fixed conflicts between types

    [#] Fixed issue with conflicts between inventory type and gamemode (both had same value: creative). It's important to update it even if you didn't have that issue yet.
  5. Fixed error from last update

    [#] Fixed a console error with format a gui slot ... to run gui event from last update.
  6. GUI Manager 2, Custom Recipe fixes, Performance increased, Documentation generator

    [+] Added:
    • GUI Manager 2: New features, new syntaxes, faster and better. See the new tutorial
    • Option to remove a specific recipe.
      Code (Skript):
      2.   remove all recipes of {_tool} from all recipes
      3.   loop all recipes of {_tool}:
      4.       remove loop-recipe from all recipes
      5.   -
      6.   loop all recipes of {_tool}:
      7.       delete loop-recipe #Remove from server
      8.       reset loop-recipe #In case it is a...
  7. Update 1.7.3: Update 1.7.3: Fixed effects with functions

    [#] Fixed effects/expressions that was using a function in it (evaluate function and gui manager):
    • Throwing a error in case you were using new parser from Bensku's fork.
    • The function getting the last value in a loop.
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  8. Update 1.7.2: Fixed GUI function effect and new expression.

    [#] Fixed effects/expressions related to functions:

    Some effects was using a workaround to make possible to get a function (in GUI Manager specifically) and it was bugging sometimes when the function has complex parameters (more than one parameter or/and list parameters).
    For GUI Manager: Now it's possible to run a function even if it wasn't loaded yet or is below the code.
    So it's possible to make like this:
    Code (Skript):
    1. make gui slot 0 of player with stone to run function...
  9. Update 1.7.1: Full recipe support, GUI Manager remade part one and general stuffs.

    I was off for a few months ago, and I couldn't make weekly updates. But here I am.

    Some of these things aren't new if you was using some beta releases. I plan to release some beta versions before release some big stuffs, so if you want to know what's new, just check there.

    • Recipe support.
    • Damage modifiers.
    • A regex type.
    • Added general stuffs.
    • Fixed lot of things.