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  1. devsucs

    Solved Gui in Gui Not working :(

    hello i am trying to make a gui open another gui but for some reason it just closes the first gui i have made an example with 2 options of command execution i tryed and did not work for me i did allsoo check if everything was okey with the alinement and that did just be fine no problems with...
  2. Riknesh

    Solved Issue with GUI

    Im using TusKe to make a gui.I set one of the GUI slots to run a player command to run on click.But when I click on the item,it spams my console with errors.The GUI only works if im Op-ed and spams errors if not Op-ed.How can I fix this?? [11:24:53] [Server thread/ERROR]: Could not pass event...
  3. Tuke_Nuke

    TuSKe GUI Manager Tutorial

    About: GUI Manager is a feature of TuSKe to help you to make your GUIs easily, making automatically to handle any possible way the player has to get the item out. Syntax: What the effects do: There is 4 types of actions: do nothing (aka as unstealable from SkQuery), run command, run...
  4. Tuke_Nuke

    Addon TuSKe - Custom Enchantments, GUI Manager and more! 1.8.2

    TuSKe is an addon for Skript, that brings integrations with some popular and useful plugins to Skript, and also, brings some new features to help server's admins. Supported plugins: - Marriage - SimpleClans - LegendChat - ProtocolSupport / ViaVersion Documentation: SkUnity's Doc. Features...