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  1. D

    What version of TuSKe is for Skript 2.6.4????

    What version of TuSKe is for Skript 2.6.4????
  2. _FlashMC_

    Solved TuSKe GUI not working

    Hello, i want to make some kind of mmorpg classes, but TuSKe gui doesn't work. Can somebody help me? Skript 2.6.4 TuSKe 1.8.3 PikatchuPatch-v3 And i just wanted to add that without the gui thing the command does work EDIT: i just discovered that any command does not work with tuske, and idk...
  3. WeakBrainStorm

    Solved Tuske makes ALL my skripts fail

    I was updating my plugins and when i updated tuske it did so all my skripts would not work. I removed tuske and it all worked fine. Please help
  4. AZERTY44

    Solved TuSKe & SkQuery Corruption

    Hello, I'm trying to get TuSKe and/or SkQuery on my server, but when I restart the server (1.14.4 Bukkit) with one of these, it corrupt all my scripts, like when I type a command it says "Unknown command. Type /help". And it send errors of Skript on the console: > [17:03:17] [Server...
  5. C

    Tuske - Script won't work

    Hi, since I downloaded TuSKe and put it in my plugins folder, my scripts are loaded, but they don't work.
  6. F

    format gui slot doesnt work

    I tried making a menu, and when i try to foram a gui slot, it shows an error. error: code: command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 3 named "&4Parkour menu" to player format gui slot 0 of player with stone named "&6Easy parkour!" to run: send message "a" to...
  7. M

    Tuske 1.8 GUI's

    on right click: if id of held item is 397: if name of held item is "&5Profile &7(Right Click)": cancel event open chest with 3 rows named "&5Profile" to player wait 1 tick set slot 4 of current inventory of player to skull of "%player%"...
  8. S

    Can you fill slots of a skript-GUI gui with functions?

    I used to have a skript for a shop with TusKe but it has been broken in the new update, I have been recommended skript-GUI and wanted to know whether I could do the same thing with skript-GUI My skript (A snippet): if arg 1 is "6": open virtual chest inventory with 6 rows...
  9. V

    Cant figure out where to put "else"

    I want to put else: send "&cYou cannot afford this item!" for both ifs in this code but i cannot figure out how to do it (im using TuSke although it might not matter bcuz its just if and else) if {balance::%uuid of player%} > 149: remove unbreakable shears of efficiency 3 named "&7Shears...
  10. K

    TuSke for BenSku's fork 1.8

    Hey, I am looking for Tuske Addon for this skript version. Minecraft 1.8 Thanks
  11. KingDooms

    Solved TuSKe GUI stops working

    So i was trying out making a TuSKe GUI, but for some reasson, it stopped working and it doesn't cancel event or anything. Everytime i click the gray stained glass pane, it normally cancels event, but nothing, the anvil, also nothing, i can just steal it. But for some reasson the inventory click...
  12. Minecoll_YT

    Solved Error message using TuSKe GUI and Functions

    Skript parts: https://pastebin.com/BV1wHTT0 Console message when clicking the item: https://pastebin.com/jitsJPgK I'm not sure if its an error I'm unable to find or if its a problem with tuske Found a workaroung, no help needed.
  13. N

    TuSKe deletes my block data. Please help!

    Hello guys! I have a rather big issue. Im using TuSKe for a generator skript and i dont know why but when i right click on the generator and the skript opens the menu the block data for the generator is gone? Please help! I linked my code
  14. M

    Moving items in a Tuske GUI

    Hello, How do I create a tuske GUI that I can move items in and out of?
  15. G

    Remove item that is used to click on TuSKe GUI item.

    When somebody clicks on an item in a TuSKe GUI I want that item to be deleted and I would like for somebody to point me in the right direction! I want the player to drag an item into an anvil and that item that was dragged into the anvil to vanish while it gives you a new, better item. My code...
  16. M

    TuskeGUI skript

    Tuske: 1.8.3 Skriptdev-36 Mc version 1.8.9 paper function Server(p: player): set {_u} to uuid of {_p} close {_p}'s inventory play sound "note.pling" with volume 1 and pitch 1 at {_p} for {_p} open chest with 5 rows named "&6&lServer &7&l- &aPRISON" to {_p} format gui slot...
  17. Z

    Inventories in tuske

    Hi. Is there a way to make items in a players inventory unstealable when theyre in a tuske gui? https://gyazo.com/2777596793468c09e95ca532fc796e25 In that gif i want to be able to make it so players cant move anything in their main inventory when a different inventory is opened.
  18. S

    Solved Need help with TuSke GUI

    What happened? I was making a simple Admin GUI and when I went to test it opened an empty GUI with nothing inside it and gave me an internal error. Expected Behavior A GUI should open with an option named Weather options and inside two buttons. One button for sunrise, the other one for the day...
  19. N

    Tuske GUI Update

    format gui slot 10 of player with 5 of red wool named "&4&l-5 Diamanter" with lore "" to run: remove 5 from {_antal} send "%{_antal}%" format gui slot 11 of player with 1 of red wool named "&4&l-1 Diamant" with lore "" to run: remove 1 from {_antal}...
  20. T

    TuSKe Bug

    I've been experiencing some issues with the TuSKe plugin. The actual GUI part of it works just fine but it won't run anything. I was able to reload the script without any errors but when I execute the command to open the GUI, none of the icons would show up and it would just say "Internal error"...