custom enchantment

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  1. E

    Help pls with Armour and lore

    so i was try to to use lore and put a lore called like flash for example right but i i want it so when the player wears the any boots with &6Flash I to have speed 1 but when they take off the boots with &6Flash I they wont get speed how do i do that cause i tried and i keep getting errors so...
  2. Tuke_Nuke

    Addon TuSKe - Custom Enchantments, GUI Manager and more! 1.8.2

    TuSKe is an addon for Skript, that brings integrations with some popular and useful plugins to Skript, and also, brings some new features to help server's admins. Supported plugins: - Marriage - SimpleClans - LegendChat - ProtocolSupport / ViaVersion Documentation: SkUnity's Doc. Features...