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Addon TuSKe - Custom Enchantments, GUI Manager and more! 1.8.2

A Skript addon which brings custom things to help you to improve your scripts.

  1. Important bug fixes.

    [+] Added:
    • Added support for on break event in effect cancel drops. It allows you to prevent the drops of event-block. (For 1.12+ only)
    [+] Fixed:
    • Fixed a issue with Advanced GUIs caused by the last update. If you are in TuSKe 1.8 and use advanced guis, it's recommended that you update it.
    • Some final fixes for Recipe Manager: Shapeless recipe now works fully to accept custom ingredients.
    • Also some fixes for recipes for 1.11.2 and lower: Due to code mistake, it wasn't properly checking its version, causing some console errors when registering recipes. It affects if you are in 1.12 too, due to key change of recipes from bukkit:%random uuid% to tuske:%increasing number (See last update changelog about it).
    Special thanks to @X0Freak for donating to TuSKe.
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