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Addon TuSKe - Custom Enchantments, GUI Manager and more! 1.8.2

A Skript addon which brings custom things to help you to improve your scripts.

  1. 1.12 Recipes support, fixes and small additions.

    [+] Added:

    • Expressions to create knowledge books containing recipes:
      Code (Skript):
      1. #A list of recipes of a knowledge book. Can be edited.
      2. knowledge(s| recipes) of %itemstack%
      3. %itemstack%'[s] knowledge(s| recipes)
      5. #Returns a knowledge book with given recipes
      6. %itemstack% with [recipes] %recipes%
    • Added a syntax filter for evaluate effect. Read more about it at documentation or in TuSKe's config file.
    • Added support for version dependent stuffs (player data expression...).
    • Added support for 1.12 recipes:
      • It keeps the same if you are in 1.11.2 or lower, but now the recipes has ids and the recipes must be registered at server startup (in script/skript load event). Why? Because if a player joins a server and he has a recipe knowledge that was registered by TuSKe and it wasn't registered yet, it will spam your console saying that the recipe with id X couldn't be found. So to avoid it, you will need to register all your recipes at server startup.
      • Custom recipes doesn't show up in recipe book. Why? I don't know, maybe Bukkit forgot about it?
      • Since the recipes had some changes in 1.12 and they are supported now in TuSKe, if you used previous version in 1.12 server you might see some console spam saying that couldn't find a recipe X. This is because every TuSKe recipe will be registered with id tuske:%last recipe id + 1%, while previously bukkit registered them as bukkit:%random uuid%.
      • Added a simple expression to get the id and plugin owner of a recipe:
        Code (Skript):
        1. recipe id of %recipe% #For TuSKe it will return as 'tuske:%number%' while for vanilla as 'minecraft:%result item name%'
        2. recipe owner of %recipe% #It returns the plugin that registered this (old plugins will return as 'Bukkit') or vanilla recipe

    [=] Changed:
    • The slot parameter in effects from simple gui (format a gui slot ...) now is optional, which means it will format the next avaliable slot (not formatted yet).
      Code (Skript):
      1. format gui slot of player with stone #It will set the slot 0
      2. format gui slot of player with stone #It will set the slot 1
      3. #And so on...
    • Also, just another option, if you use value -1 it will format last slot id + 1.
      • Why -1? Because this is the only avaliable id (since slot goes from 0 to ...), and to not gets more confusing adding more syntaxes and stuffs.
        Code (Skript):
        1. format gui slot 10 of player with stone #Normal, slot 10
        2. format gui slot -1 of player with stone #It will get the last slot + 1, in this case, slot 11.

    [#] Fixed:

    • Fixed issues for the effects with section, if the code inside of a section contains a delay effect (wait effect for example), it will wait the whole trigger instead of jumping to outside of section.
      • Currently only the create gui and evaluate effect was affected by this.
    • Fixed the expression rarity of %custom enchantment% not being registered.
    • Fixed some conflicts between types values.
    • Fixed ingredients of %recipe% not working for 1.12 due to API changes.
    • Fixed custom shapeless recipes not working properly in some cases.
    • Simple GUIs and Advanced GUIs shares the same new click listener: it disables itself and doesn't conflict with Skript when cancelling it.
    • Fixed local variables not working in run when close gui effect.
    • Fixed a long load time due to a issue while saving the config.
    Wow, that's the hugest fixes list I've released. Just download it above or uses /tuske to update.
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