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Addon TranSKator 0.1.9

Support for translated messages via Minecraft's built-in language system.

  1. Bug Fix

    Minor bug fix.
  2. Fixes and Improvements

    Some background fixes to try and avoid component parsing errors have been added to this version.

    One of the libraries has also been updated.

    A few new syntaxes are being tested here, but they are currently unfinished. You can expect to see their full implementation very soon. :emoji_slight_smile:

    • Translated action bars (beta)
    • Translated boss bars, scoreboards and tablist features
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  3. Lore Translations & Inventory Names!

    This update adds several new syntax patterns.

    Firstly, it's no longer required to specify a complex or simple translation pattern.
    Code (Text):
    1. send [complex] translated [message[s]] %strings% with [(attachment[s]|input[s])] %strings% to %players%
    3. send [simple] translated [message[s]] %strings% to %players%
    On top of that, this addon now has support for translations in item lore and inventory names (currently just chest name).

    Item lore uses the new translation style, which can be found...
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