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  1. V

    Solved Webhooks in scripts?

    I am trying to code a script that sends a simple discord webhook message, containing the ip of the server to a webhook, when the server starts. Is that possible and if so how?
  2. V

    Solved Quotation Marks inside of commands

    I'm really new to Skript and this is my first script. I'm trying to make a /keyall command but I ran into a problem with quotation marks in commands, I tried fixing it myself, but didn't make it far. command /keyall <number>: permission: command.keyall usage: /keyall amount trigger...
  3. MyuKEK

    Script Simple Clearlag Script 2023-09-29

    Clear Lag Script - Clearlag every 10 minutes - Clearlag Command Commands: - /cl - /clearlag - /clinfo
  4. MyuKEK

    Script Simple Enderchest Command Script 1.0

    Its an simple Enderchest Script Commands: /enderchest /ec /ecinfo
  5. Andrie

    Script Simple Mutechat 1.0

    An simple mute chat skript. To mute the chat you can type "/mutechat", the permission to bypass / mutechat is "server.mutechat"
  6. J

    Solved How do I add one to balance when clicking a specific block?

    Ok so. I am trying to make a little script to increase my balance by one every time I click a specified block here is the code so far! Skript version: 2.6.2 Author: Quiettee (me) options: balance: 0 starting_money: 0 minium_money: 0 maxium_money:1000000000000 on...
  7. J

    Solved Anyone know how to put a cooldown every time you click (LMB)

    Hello, Ultra beginner noob here. I was just testing out skript the past day and wanted to make an explosion happen in front of the player (already done that) And to stop people from spamming it I want a 1-second delay between each press of the LMB. This is prob simple and my tiny brain can't...
  8. M

    Script Outline GUI 1.1.0

    This script is a simple function. All you need to do in order to use this function is create a GUI, then format it as you like, and use this function to format the edges. Here is a simple example of how you could use this. command /outlinegui: permission: op trigger: set {_gui}...
  9. 8

    Script Basic PvP Toggle 1.9

    Literally the most simple pvp toggle skript that you can make. Only command is /togglepvp which waits 5 seconds before enabling pvp or 5 seconds before disabling pvp. If you have any improvements that I could make, Please contact me on discord Reassignment#3642 or Tr3nd1ngT0p1c#5519
  10. catsorios

    Script Simple /stats skript! 1.0 2021-08-25

    /stats skript easy to read and easy to add to! Images: Not too marked up so it is easy to customize! Please enjoy also, I have not tested the killstreak because I have no friends. so please report any bugs to me.
  11. A

    Script Simple Motd (Basic) Build 1

    Basic Motd for all Versions. Tested Version(s): 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 # Welcome to Motd Skript. By: NovaCraft # # Motd: # # Use: Yes/No # # Lines 1 and 2 can contain up to 40 letters # Enable Motd: 'Yes' Line 1: '§b=============== §4[§2local§ahost§4]§b ===============' Line...
  12. J

    Drag and Drop Sell GUI

    Hello, I'm trying to make a GUI when /sell is done. You are supposed to drag and drop the listed items then they will be sold and give the player the set money. Here's what I got so far, I get no errors, the GUI opens correctly but when I drop the items and close the GUI, nothing happens...
  13. C

    Solved How to check if world exists?

    Hello, I tried making a command that uses multi-verse to create worlds (make console execute "mv create world") but when I try making the world join command, I am stuck with: if world arg 2 exists: . It dosen't work... Any help? I am using skript 1.15
  14. C

    Clear inventory on entry of a region and when leaving.

    Can somebody please make me a Skript where when a player enters or leaves the region 'buildzone' their inventory is instantly cleared (if you could, when they enter give them 64 steak). If anyone could do this for me it would be amazing. Thanks!
  15. F

    Script Simple Essentials Pro [ ★ Still Being Maintained! 1.12.x - 1.14.x ★ ] 1.14.1

    Simple Essentials is an Essentials Skript aiming to be better then all the other ones on Spigot. Currently it is no where near a good standard and is currently in Alpha stage with HEAVY Development. This is currently my main project and I will try to be pushing out frequent updates. Be sure to...
  16. N

    Easy fix // Skript problem

    on right click: if player is in "Prison": if targeted block is stone brick: set targeted block to redstone block wait 5 seconds if the targeted block is redstone block: set targeted block to stone brick on left click...
  17. N

    I need help with simple Skript

    on rightclick: if player is holding a diamond: if player is in world "Game2": play sound I started this script not knowing how to finish it, i searched tutorials up on yt but no use. how would I make it so when I right click a diamond it plays sound by all nearby players...