Addon Sky 1.0.6

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- Added support get getting levels of islands for BentoBox
- Added support for setting the level of islands.
- Fixed a bug with getting the island of a player
- Updated GitHub actions
- Changed the island of player syntax to support which world. Also for ASkyBlock and BentoBox made it so if the player has no island, it'll use their team's island as described in BentoBox's JavaDocs.
[the] island[s] of %offlineplayers% [in %-world%]
%offlineplayers%'[s] island[s] [in %-world%]

- Added a syntax to get all islands in a world for ASkyBlock and BentoBox implementations
[the] islands (in|of) %worlds%
%worlds%'[s] islands

- Added GitHub actions, so their will always be an updated jar on the GitHub when any of the Skyblock plugins update, all done automatically.
- Fixed loading on 1.12. (thanks sewoo12) (closes
- Fixed loading of BentoBox. (thanks 42hub) (closes
- Some code cleaning and optimizations.
- Creation date syntax now works for BentoBox too not just ASkyBlock.
- Dropped FabledSkyBlock support. I no longer work on FabledSkyBlock, and don't want to support the plugin anymore now that BentoBox exists.
- Added BentoBox support. This means BSkyBlock, AcidIsland, CaveBlock, SkyGrid and more.
- Updated libraries.
- Added GitHub actions, so you should now be able to grab a version of the current Minecraft and BentoBox automatically from when they become available.
- Fixed ASkyBlock lock expression not working
- BentoBox support coming soon.