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Jan 24, 2017
location of "LimeGlass" parsed as player
Documentation | Github | Bug reports

A Skript addon dedicated to SkyBlock.

  • Runs on all Spigot versions, but depends on SkyBlock plugin.
  • Java 8
  • Supported Skyblock plugins;
    • uSkyBlock 2.8.7
    • FabledSkyBlock (Paid) 2.1.2
    • aSkyBlock
    • Make a suggestion in the bug reporter if you would like other SkyBlock plugins, or if the API of one of the supported plugins breaks.
  • Skript 2.2+ (Recommended)
  • Place in your plugins folder.
  • Make sure you have Skript and a SkyBlock installed and enabled.
  • Restart server.
If you have any questions, suggestions or need help with anything, feel free to reply in the discussion or the bug reporter, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
@LimeGlass when i installed this, it broke the entire skript

here the error msg

Skript Ver: 2.5
Paper Spigot: 1.12.2 (latest build)
ASkyBlock: latest
Sky Addon: latest
[doublepost=1602952892,1602153968][/doublepost]since placeholderapi isnt support askyblock well, this addon is GREAT. Thx for updating this... BUT sadly i still get this error and won't load the sky addon and makes the entire SKRIPT cannot be run
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