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Looks good! But the tooltips are currently broken, I wish the developer would fix this! Picture: https://prnt.sc/tyq8lz
Looks great, other people say it's great. But sadly I couldn't get it working on 1.8.8
Really amazing script, there were a few bugs due to the script not being up to date, but I've fixed them myself and this is really enjoyable! errors are much more comfortable to check.
what the amazing script!
Good plugin/script <3
is the best skript changer and checker for updates (addon search update system) xd good work.
with me that does not work: / could you send me the files in a RAR?
Hey, please contact me on discord or send a PM if you can't get it working instead of writing review before using it :)

Great idea, neat work. Good work mate ;) .
Thanks for the review!
Great script, I don't know how I never thought of something like this lol.
Pretty dope bro, been using Skript for years but have always had a hard time reading the squeezed error messages.
Great concept. but i'll probably write it with just skript-mirror
I'd also like to write it in skript-mirror, but i have no idea how :(
Awesome, very useful, and I can reach 50 characters hopefully
Thank you :D