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- Updated screenshots on main page
- Fixed double join message
- Fixed players not able to join party invites
- Added /p promote > promote players to party leader
- Fixed invisible party menu players
- Fixed 3 message bugs
- Thanks for over 280 downloads on both Spigot and SkUnity! <3
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- Fixed party invite accept message
- Added Skungee support
- Fixed a few bugs
- Removed MundoSK dependency
- Fixed party chat
- Added kick in party menu

- Fixed options
- Fixed <none> message on not setting arg-2 on accept.
- Fixed help
- Fixed lang
- Removed json.sk dependency, it is now inside the skript
- Fixed 2 bugs
- Added disband confirm
- Fixed on leave disband
- Fixed party gui
Fixed 4 bugs

- Added /party GUI
-- You can now disband via /p menu
-- You can see the owner as Party Owner <name>
-- You can see your party list
-- You can leave via /p menu
-- You can see help via party menu
-- You can now enable party chat via party menu


- You can now enable English and Dutch in the first line of the Skript. Use 'en' for English, and 'nl' for Dutch.
- Je kan nu Engels en Nederlands aanzetten in de eerste lijn van het Skript. Gebruik 'en' voor Engels, en 'nl' voor Nederlands.
- Added auto create (on party invite, if player is not in party, it will automatically make one)