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Fixed all messages going to Dutch
- Added YAML configuration
- Added option to enable/disable party pvp
- Idk why I named this update the way it is.
- Fixed party invites
- Fixed basically everything wrong
- Fixed party messages
- Added friendly fire cancel if victim is in party (party players can't kill each other)
- Fixed accept bug
- Fixed on region enter tp
- Fixed if party leader did command in execlist, the party wouldn't execute it
- Removed (very annoying) update checker
- Added (very annoying) update checker
- Made 60% in to functions (idk why)
- Added nice pixel art in the beginning (idk why)
- Fixed party world tp so that only when the leader changes the party gets tp'd
- Added clear confirm message for /partyadmin clear

Please add me on Discord if you want to request features: Efnilite#9250
- (actually) Added Bungeecord chat support
- ADDED /p sethome
-- Set your party home!
- ADDED /p home
-- Teleport to your party home if it is set by the leader
- Fixed on quit not leaving party
- ADDED /p mute
-- Mute your party chat

- Cleaned up /pchat
- Added /party chat (instead of /partychat)