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Script Skript Parties (Party+) [1v1 Party Dueling] [GUI] 3.2c

The best Party Skript out there! With all you ever need. Now with dueling! [1.8-1.12]

  1. Efnilite
    This is based on party plugins from very popular servers. It has a simple look, and if you want, you can add your own contribution. I've added party duels, with support for 10 arenas at a time. Note: The options are in the config.yml, duels.yml and arenas.yml in the Party+ folder.


    - 1v1 PARTY DUELING (Use /party+ for setup)
    - 10 ARENA DUEL SUPPORT (At a time!)
    - PARTY MENU+ (/p menu)

    - Promote players
    - Party Homes
    - World TP (If the owner enters another world, everyone in the current party will be teleported to the owner. ! Note:When BungeeCord is enabled, this will automatically disable)
    - Party Chat
    - Mute party chat
    - Region support! (WorldGuard)


    Code (Text):
    1. # Party+ Configuration File | Messages are in the actual Skript file
    3. # Should you leave the party on quit?
    4. leaveonquit: true
    6. # Do you want to disable party PVP?
    7. partypvp: true
    9. # Do you want to enable player logging (Party+/userdata/..)
    10. logging: true
    12. # Do you want to enable BungeeCord? (Not completed, bungee options down below)
    13. bungee: false
    15. # Do you want to enable Party Homes?
    16. homes: false
    18. # Do you want region support enabled? (Want to add regions? Go to party.sk and edit it there.)
    19. regions: false
    21. # True = only when the party leader is in a region and does /party tphere all the players tp
    22. # False = everytime the party leader enters a region, everyone will be teleported
    23. regioncommand: false
    25. # Time for invites to expire.
    26. partytime: 15
    28. # Max amount of players in a party
    29. maxplayers: 6
    31. # Cooldown on invites (seconds)
    32. invitecooldown: 3
    34. # Bungee Options
    36. # Server this is running on
    37. server: Lobby-1

    Code (Text):
    1. # Party+ Duel Options
    3. # Enable party duels? (use /party+ to set up spawns, etc.)
    4. duels: true
    6. # Permission to set up the 1v1 duels
    7. duelpermission: party.setduels[/I]
    9. # How many duels do you want to enable at the same time?
    10. maxduels: 2
    12. # Time in seconds it takes before the duel ends
    13. time: 500


    Skript (https://github.com/bensku/Skript/releases)
    SkQuery-Lime (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/unofficial-skquery-fork-1-6-1-12.36631/)
    SkUtilities (https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skutilities.26/)
    SkRayFall (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/skrayfall)
    Skellet (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-java-addon-skellett.34361/)
    WorldEdit (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldedit)
    WorldGuard (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldguard)
    BungeeCord: any plugin that will understand the 'bungeecord connect' value.


    Discord Support: https://discord.gg/tPfyq6x


    1. Untitled design (4).jpg

Recent Updates

  1. 3.2c
  2. 3.2
  3. 3.1c

Recent Reviews

  1. D
    Version: Build 10
    Good skript but this is skript not need addons MundoSK
    1. Efnilite
      Author's Response
      I removed MundoSK from the dependency list
  2. HiverHD
    Version: Build 9
    Excellent. This is a great skript and it's nice for small servers!
    1. Efnilite
  3. ItsMCB
    Version: Build 3
    Awesome! The developer has fixed some of the previous issues and now the skript is perfect. I love to party world teleportation system. I think there should be a command that teleports the party to a player if they join a specific region (world guard). This could be helpful for people who don't run bungeecord like myself. :D
    1. Efnilite
      Author's Response
      Added. No problem :D
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