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API SkEdit 1.1

Its like worldedit. but complitely in skript

  1. Hotfix

    Fixed that you now can use spaces in command "/ske fill"
  2. Full release

    SkEdit finally released, why did it take so long for this simple update?
    1. i have been working on other project
    2. i went to london with school (1 week)
    3. i had to learn for test (1.5 weeks)

    Anyway, whats added?
    - Block data gets now saved, yay
  3. Fix (BETA 4 Patch 1)

    Fixed small bug with randomizer
  4. Return update! (BETA 4)

    * Better return (ske())
    * Better random integer generation (random())

    * Upgraded Algorithm slightly, its now faster
    * Fixed more of TPGamerNL's post
    * Gui slightly improved

    * Basicly the entire command strucuture
  5. Small fixes (BETA 3 Patch 1)

    Just some small mistakes i made that are fixed in this update

    Oh, and it also now should work on most skript versions (didnt test lower than 2.2Dev36)
  6. Big update (BETA 3)

    - Fixed Copy and Paste delay, its sort of async now. be careful with how you use it (this took the longest to make)

    Thanks TPGamingNL for requesting the following features:
    - Fixed the spelling mistakes
    - Now looping between variables and not locations and improved speed
    - Fixed more of his issues

    Note: Next BETA update will probably break a bunch of things, but its 100% nessesary

    Known bugs: Block data isnt stored! like powered, direction etc
  7. Settings update (BETA 2)

    - Added gui where you can edit the Blocks per tick