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  1. G

    Skbee Paste structure not working.

    I don't know why this isn't working, there are no console or skript reload errors. The messages work as needed just when it comes to pasting nothing is loaded. This is for extra credit at my school and I'm trying to do something different from everyone else. #why is this not working command...
  2. Q

    Solved Is there an Addon for WorldEdit Schematics that works with 1.17?

    Hi there, Im trying to paste a WorldGuard Schematic in my Skript on a 1.17.1 Server. I’ve heard that I can use „structures“, but is there an Addon for WorldEdit Stuff? (Skematics seems not to work with 1.17)
  3. T

    Solved How can I paste schematics in 1.13+ using skript?

    Hello, lately I've been trying to find a way to paste schematics using skript and I found this addon "SkSchematic" but the problem with it is that it doesn't support versions 1.13+ and my server is in 1.16.5, so I was wondering if there is a way to paste a schematic using skript in versions...
  4. Leom2004

    paste Schematic on 1.16.1 (problems) please help

    Hello, forum As you have already read in the title, I have problems with the placement of schematics in version 1.16.1. I have searched through many forums and tried a lot, but everything did not help. This is my code that I ran: command /maketree: trigger: paste the schematic...
  5. Z

    BaseCreator with schematics

    Hi, I want to place a crafting table with name "BASECREATOR" and the a schematic should load on the place where the player stands. help pls
  6. I

    Help with Schematics

    Im trying to find a skript add-on that can save and paste schematics. I already have tried Skematic. Newest version just kills my server when i do /sk reload, older versions work but they don't save the schematic properly (internal error while executing this command). I would appreciate some...
  7. Jeroeno_Boy

    API SkEdit 1.1

    Donate What is SkEdit? SkEdit is a API that allows you to mainly fill and paste in structures. it is not created to copy Worledit, nor to compete with it. The fill and pasting is based on a sort of Async system, so it wont crash your server Know: this was made on Dev36 and might not work on...
  8. P

    Schematic to an random element

    Hey. Is there a way to set a Schematic to a random element?
  9. S

    Solved World's spawn location

    Hello, I've search everywhere on the internet and I don't found how can i get the location of a specific world. (if I don't find a solution with armor stand, I would try when a player join the world to generate my schematic) My code: #creating world #teleport entity to my spawn in world...
  10. martinpeeters34

    Getting blocks of Schematic, placing with delay

    Skript Version: 2.2-dev32c Skript Author: bensku Minecraft Version: 1.9 I'm currently wanting to get the blocks of a schematic file. There are currently (as far as the documentation says) no addons who support this. But maybe there is another way to get this information, of which I don't know...