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  1. R

    Minecraft Skripts: Edit heart number of players

    Hi I wanted to ask, if I can edit the number of a player! I´m really happy when some one can help me with my question! When you have back questions, then write gladly! Rakete
  2. R

    Solved Modify existing command

    I use FactionsUUID and Lands, I want both to work together so I have been building a script to make it happen. However, when it comes to banning and kicking from factions I need to be able to target the second argument in the command and I do not know how to do that. All commands in this script...
  3. Jeroeno_Boy

    API SkEdit 1.1

    Donate What is SkEdit? SkEdit is a API that allows you to mainly fill and paste in structures. it is not created to copy Worledit, nor to compete with it. The fill and pasting is based on a sort of Async system, so it wont crash your server Know: this was made on Dev36 and might not work on...