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  1. S

    Solved Command to show other admins someone is using worldedit

    I saw this on another server it showed when someone used worldedit but it only sent the message to admins and showed what action they did: set, wall and so on any way to replicate that in skript?
  2. C

    World-edit style selection

    So basically, I'm trying to make a system where you can run a command and have maps fill up with an image. If I use "loop all item frames in radius 10 of player" it prioritizes ones nearer If I do "between point1 and point2" then it makes a line between them. Is there a way to loop every block...
  3. S

    World Edit Protection

    Hey i am wondering how I would go about making this fairly simple script Firstly when a player places a gold block. a world edit region is placed in the area. Lets say this region is 10 by 10. if a region already exists in the area the player gets an error. And two simple commands to add and...
  4. T

    Create worldguard region.

    MY script: on place of gold block: loop blocksInCube(event-location): if loop-block is yellow terracotta: cancel event message "&cСлишком близко к другой базе!" to player set {_cancel.rg.create} to true if {_cancel.rg.create} is not set...
  5. Z

    BaseCreator with schematics

    Hi, I want to place a crafting table with name "BASECREATOR" and the a schematic should load on the place where the player stands. help pls
  6. Jeroeno_Boy

    API SkEdit 1.1

    Donate What is SkEdit? SkEdit is a API that allows you to mainly fill and paste in structures. it is not created to copy Worledit, nor to compete with it. The fill and pasting is based on a sort of Async system, so it wont crash your server Know: this was made on Dev36 and might not work on...
  7. LimeGlass

    Addon Fawesk 1.0.1

    Fawesk - By LimeGlass Github: bStats metrics: Report bugs: A Skript addon to add full support for FAWE/WorldEdit. All of the syntax for this Skript addon are generated...
  8. G

    Solved An internal error occurred while reloading a script

    Whenever I try reload some of my scripts, it gives me the 'An internal error has occurred' message and spits this out in console, Any way to fix this? (btw, I know I can remove SkStuff and it will be fine, but I need it for nbt)