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API SkEdit || Return Update Beta 4 Patch 1

Its like worldedit. but complitely in skript

  1. couger44
    Version: BETA 3 Patch 1
    Although I do not usually play or program in Skript 1.9, I gave myself the time to download the version of Skript for Spigot 1.9 and try this API, and I can tell you that it works perfectly.
    1. Jeroeno_Boy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the awsome revieuw :D
  2. S
    Version: BETA 3 Patch 1
    This was very good at loading in massive edits and it didn't crash my server!
    1. Jeroeno_Boy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the revieuw :D
  3. T
    Version: BETA 2
    It does work, but:
    1. It doesn't even parse (you can even check the parser for this). Did you even test this thing?
    2. Spelling mistake at lines 452, 620 and 670 (shematic)
    3. Why are you looping blocks between 2 locations when you're only using the X/Y/Z (1 of those per loop) coordinates from those blocks? It's much easier to just loop the numbers/integers.
    4. In all of the cases where you get blocks in a cube, you set the X/Y/Z variables in the third loop (the Z loop), but there is no need to set the X and Y variable that often, since their values won't change in the next iteration of the loop
    5. No block data is saved (e.g. rotation / repeater tick amount / open or closed blocks)
    6. Since you're using strings for items in the fill function, there is no way to use blockdata for fill (e.g. "open oak trapdoor" is closed using fill)
    7. Rounding down an integer does nothing (line 444 and more)
    8. There is no need to loop the schemlist in line 531, since you're only using the loop-value after that point and you already know the loop-value before looping: {_schem}

    I hope you can learn from this review.