Addon Skacket 1.1.0

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- Added client glowing effect
set glowing of %livingentities% to %boolean% [(for|to) %-players%] [(for|to) %-timespan%]

- Updated Anvil GUI to latest version
- Added PropertyCondition mask to allow for 1.12 and lower server versions using older Skript versions.
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- Added experimental client side borders, check source code for syntaxes.
- Updated libraries (protocollib, anvil gui, spigot, etc)
- Fixed an issue where packet events threw errors.
- Misc bug fixes

Report bugs on the github issue tracker.
Fixed sign gui section not allowing for correct event
  • Added Anvil GUIs. Optional Section meaning you can use this as a condition or not, the inside section will be Inventory Click Event.
    • Code:
      open [an] anvil [gui] (named|with title) %string% to %players% with [items] %itemtypes%
  • Added raw slot (Spigot grab clicked raw slot) Can only be used in Inventory Click Events
    • Code:
      [the] [clicked] raw slot
For every item added in the %itemtypes% it will be the slot, so if you do stone, diamond and gold ore it will set slot 0, 1 and 2 aka all the slots. You can use air to set only 0 and 2 slots.

Example of using anvil gui's to make a party invite request.
command /party:
        open an anvil gui named "&5&lParty Invite" to player with a diamond hoe named "Enter player name...":
            if clicked raw slot is 2:
                set {_result} to name of slot clicked raw slot of event-inventory
                if {_result} contains " ":
                    message "&6[Parties] &7Invalid name. Please enter an online player name."
                if length of {_result} is less than 2:
                    message "&6[Parties] &7Invalid name. Please enter an online player name."
                set {_player} to {_result} parsed as player
                close player's inventory
                if {_player} is not set:
                    message "&6[Parties] &7&l%{_result}% &7is not currently online"
                message "&6[Parties] &7&l%player% &7would like to party up with you." to {_player}
                # Setup the party

            # Clicked raw slot is useful for anvils. It grabs the "actual" slot you would assume it to be.
            broadcast "%clicked raw slot%"