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Addon Skacket 1.0.13

A Skript addon for handling and maintaining packet syntaxes.

  1. 1.0.13

    Updated libraries to 1.19
  2. Updates to Spigot 1.19.1

    Updates to Spigot 1.19.1
    1.0.11 fixed Client side world borders
  3. Glowing fixes

    - Fixed stop glowing not working properly
    - Added a system that will update the entity back to glowing after it's metadata changes.
  4. Fix client side armour

    - Fixed client side armour effect not working properly.
    - Updated to 1.18.2

    This version only works for Java 17
  5. Skript 2.6.1 support and 1.18 Anvil GUIs

    Skript 2.6.1 support and 1.18 Anvil GUIs. This version only works in Java 17.
  6. Toast Display

    Added 1.16+ support for the entity equipment syntax
    Added new toast notification which displays the advancement toast icon notification in the top right corner using CrazyAdvancementAPI.
    Code (Text):
    1. send %players% [advancement] toast [notification] %string% with [icon] %itemstack% and frame %advancementframe%
    3. advancementframe:
    4.    goal: goal
    5.    challenge: challenge
    6.    task: task
    8. example:
    9. send player toast "&6Skacket Example" with icon glowing diamond pickaxe and frame goal
    This version...
  7. Fixed player dig event not working

    Fixed player dig event not working as intended.
    Updated libraries

    This version only runs on 1.18 and Java 17
  8. 1.18 hot fix

    Updated libraries.

    This version only runs on 1.18 and Java 17
  9. Update to Skript 2.6-beta-3

    REQUIRES SKRIPT 2.6-beta-3, Java 16 and ProtocolLib 4.7.0+

    - Updated to Skript 2.6-beta-3
    - Fixed sound event not working
    - Added event values for pitch and sound to sound event
    - Changed the anvil gui to the new section api.
    You can use event-anvilclick or anvil click to get the result of the click in the anvil either complete, left or right complete means they clicked the result far right item.
    you can use event-string to get the result of what they typed in.
    also [the] anvil...
  10. Client side glowing

    - Added client glowing effect
    Code (Text):
    1. set glowing of %livingentities% to %boolean% [(for|to) %-players%] [(for|to) %-timespan%]
    - Updated Anvil GUI to latest version
    - Added PropertyCondition mask to allow for 1.12 and lower server versions using older Skript versions.
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