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Script SK Schematic 2.0

The skript of management of structures!

  1. Olyno
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12


    SkSchematic is a tool developed in skript allowing you to save, load and share your structures to your firends!


    1) Create your structure
    2) Use "/structure arrow" to get the selection arrow
    3) Select the blocks at the ends of your structure with a left click and a right click
    4) Use "/structure save <name>" to save your structure
    5) Enjoy!

    Now that you've done that, use"/structure load <name>" to load your structure or "/structure give" to get a block containing your structure.


    Code (Skript):
    1. /structure help - Show all commands
    2. /structure pos1 - Set the position 1 manually
    3. /structure pos2 - Set the position 2 manually
    4. /structure arrow - Give arrow for set positions 1 (with left click) and position 2 (with right click)
    5. /structure load <name> - Load a structure with a name
    6. /structure give <name> - Give a block with data of a structure with a name. Place it and make spawn the structure!
    7. /structure save <name> - Save a structure with a name
    8. /structure rotate <name> x/y/z <degree> - Rotate a structure with a name
    9. /structure list - Get the list of all structures saved
    10. /structure version - Get the version fo SkSchematic


    • Save your structure
    • Share your structure as file (plugins/SkSchematic/Structures)
    • Load your structure via command or block
    • Can rotate the structure (x, y and z)
    • Easy to share (just give structure's file)
    • Save chests' content (Currently only 1, not double chest)
    • Configure the script as much as possible (plugins/SkSchematic/config.yml)
    Several things are there to improve your experience with this script such as:
    • An anti-crash system (in case of too large structures)
    • An automatic structure generation system to load a new world (like villages, manor houses etc...)

    • SkUtilities
    • Skript-yaml


    Wait, not for the moment (come sooooooon!)


    Olyno and 4rno


    You are authorized to:

    • Use this script for private purposes
    • See its content and understand it

    You are not allowed to:

    • You appropriate the script
    • Re-upload this script
    • Sell the script
    • Use this script for non-private purposes
    Of course you must also follow the skunity terms of use.

Recent Updates

  1. Complete redesign of the script
  2. Rotate system
  3. No redirect link

Recent Reviews

  1. IHaxMC
    Version: 2.0
    this is very good !
    1. Olyno
      Author's Response
      Thanks you so much :love:
  2. Rettox
    Version: 2.0
    Very bad, saving 70x70 island crashed my server by timeout.
    1. Olyno
      Author's Response
      A 70x70 structure remains enormous. If you want to save it, it will crash your server, either with my script or not.
      Also, instead of just putting a simple star in my resource, you should see the positive points of it such as being able to save structures, and be able to generate them. You should look at the work behind!

      Your review does not demonstrate my resource, but only a problem that is related to skript and minecraft in general.
  3. BrettPlayMC
    Version: 2.0
    Really cool resource. Has a lot more functionality than WorldEdit has and only has 2 other dependencies!
    1. Olyno
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your heart-warming review <3