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Script Regions 3.0 ALPHA

Regions with Flags, Inventories and An API

  1. The API update

    Regions API is now out!
    - Added region corner to the API (region %string% corner number [1/2])
    - Added region at block (Returns What region of the block) Ex: region of block "block at loop-block " -> This returns a location

    Sorry for the complex


  2. Feature

    - Added "-utd" option to set Y of Pos1 to 255 and Pos2 to 0 so it takes all the blocks
  3. Bugfixes

    - Some general exceptions were been thrown in the console
    - Get handler for "region of %player%" that was returning null has been removed
    - Script is now more TPS friendly
    - Made the title time more long
    - Some code wasen't functioning correctly
    Hope you enjoy :emoji_slight_smile:

    Thanks to all downloads,

  4. Bugfixes

    - Inventory wasen't been saved
  5. Oopsie update

    Fixed the title error
  6. Bugfixes and More featrures

    - Exiting Wilderness Will not give you inventory of region
    - Entering Wilderness Will not give you your inventory back
    - Sometimes Variables of the Script deletes for random reason
    Features Added:
    - Entering a region now shows a title
  7. Fast Update

    Added Exting Non-region (Wildness)
  8. General Bug Fixes

    Script wasen't working at all