region at player

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  1. M

    skript does not understand the condition / if "%region at player%" is region

    on right click on player: if "%region at player%" is region "shop" name of entity = "Den" cancel event skript does not understand the condition, what is the error?
  2. mmaalex22112

    Solved Region name not being recognized properly.

    Hey all. For some reason, for the life of me I can't get this to work. I'm only ever getting the message one triggered. It seems like it is only reading the pk1 part of the name. on region enter: if "%region at player%" is "%{pk1_mine}%": if {pk1_mine.%player%} is true...
  3. C

    Clear inventory on entry of a region and when leaving.

    Can somebody please make me a Skript where when a player enters or leaves the region 'buildzone' their inventory is instantly cleared (if you could, when they enter give them 64 steak). If anyone could do this for me it would be amazing. Thanks!
  4. sOxTw

    %Region% or %region at player% does not work | No error

    The problem that I am having, is that when using. on region enter | on region leave, it does not detect the regions and does not execute any conditional that I specify. Code #1: on region enter | on region leave: wait 5 ticks if %region at player% contains "<NombreRegion>": send...