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  1. R

    Solved Applying effect while player is in specific region

    Hello, I have problem with my skript but no error is showing, can anyone please tell me what wrong with this code ? on region enter: if "%region at player%" contains "small_cave": while "%region at player%" contains "small_cave": apply speed tier 2 without particles to player for 1...
  2. S

    World Edit Protection

    Hey i am wondering how I would go about making this fairly simple script Firstly when a player places a gold block. a world edit region is placed in the area. Lets say this region is 10 by 10. if a region already exists in the area the player gets an error. And two simple commands to add and...
  3. S

    Boat Race Mini Game

    Hello, I am currently working on a boat racing mini game. But I ran into the problem that I don't know how to do the checkpoints and the start. The checkpoints and the start should be able to be set by command and it should also be possible to check whether a player has passed through the...
  4. Y

    If region has more than x blocks

    Is it any way to "If region has less than x blocks". Thanks.
  5. T

    Create worldguard region.

    MY script: on place of gold block: loop blocksInCube(event-location): if loop-block is yellow terracotta: cancel event message "&cСлишком близко к другой базе!" to player set {_cancel.rg.create} to true if {_cancel.rg.create} is not set...
  6. L

    Overlapping Regions, Priorities, and Skript

    When you are in a region that overlaps with another region, how can you specify that it only "sees" the region with the highest priority? broadcast "%region at player%" It always returns the name of all overlapping regions, regardless of their priority.
  7. O

    The problem of "in world world"

    Regarding "region", when displaying the protected area name set by worldguard, for example, on region enter: message "%region%" will appear as "in world word". Is there a way to eliminate this "in world world" and just display the name? Addendum: I want to display without using "replace"
  8. mmaalex22112

    Fetch and check region from player in water?

    Hey all, I've been recently trying to figure out how to check the region of a player who enters water. Right now I have this: on any movement: if block above the block below player is water: if block below region "pk1-aqua-w1": message "&8&lCrazed Man: &r&aThis is...
  9. mmaalex22112

    Solved Region name not being recognized properly.

    Hey all. For some reason, for the life of me I can't get this to work. I'm only ever getting the message one triggered. It seems like it is only reading the pk1 part of the name. on region enter: if "%region at player%" is "%{pk1_mine}%": if {pk1_mine.%player%} is true...
  10. F

    Disable commands on specific regions

    Yo whatsup I wanna create a skript that when you enter a __global__ region you cannot do /fly anymore, and I know what you're thinking: BUT YOU STUPID IDIOT YOU CAN DO IT ON WORLDGUARD AND ADD TO ADMINS WORLDGUARD.REGION.BYPASS.__GLOBAL__ well, here is the thing! I don't want normal players to...
  11. Moderocky

    Addon Guardian 1.2.6

    Guardian is designed as a more lightweight alternative to plugins such as WorldGuard and Residence, with Skript support built into the plugin directly, a slightly more visual wand/creation system, and an extremely easy addon API that can be used through both Java and Skript. You can use this as...
  12. G

    On region exit: not working

    So I'm writing this skript where when a player dies, they get into spectator mode. After that, if they try to leave the region "spleef", the event gets canceled, so that they can't leave the region. Everything is working except the part where they can't leave the region. It gives an error saying...
  13. P

    Define a variable properly

    Hello everybody. Lately I haven't been able to properly define a skript variable. Indeed I would like to use the condition : if "% event-region%" contains {my_variable}: However I would like to be able to modify {my_variable} to be able to add or remove text. For example if the variable is set...
  14. kamilleon

    Solved Break certain blocks inside region

    I'm trying to make an ore regen skript, but the ores would be inside a protected region. Theres two possible ways to do this, but for both I can't figure it out a, Get the x y z coordinates of the block, and make it to a string, then save it as a region, and allow the block break flag but...
  15. A

    help get region corners pos 1 , pos 2

    hello i just need help get the region corners pos 1 , pos 2 example region at block at event-block get the region name what i want is pos 2 of region at block at event-block its fine if using skript-mirror
  16. C

    Clear inventory on entry of a region and when leaving.

    Can somebody please make me a Skript where when a player enters or leaves the region 'buildzone' their inventory is instantly cleared (if you could, when they enter give them 64 steak). If anyone could do this for me it would be amazing. Thanks!
  17. Marsbar

    Region doesn't work

    Hi im trying to make a cell skript. the error is: "%{_r}%" is not a region It is like it can't take a variable set {_r} to "%{cell.players.%player%}%" parsed as a region loop all blocks in the region "%{_r}%": set loop-block to air...
  18. sOxTw

    %Region% or %region at player% does not work | No error

    The problem that I am having, is that when using. on region enter | on region leave, it does not detect the regions and does not execute any conditional that I specify. Code #1: on region enter | on region leave: wait 5 ticks if %region at player% contains "<NombreRegion>": send...
  19. L

    Click on the block in the region

    Good afternoon, my friend! I have a problem. I need that when I click on any block in the region, the value of the variable changes. on rightclick: loop all blocks in region{Ogorod}: # PROBLEM LINE if {Proverka} = 0: set {Proverka} to 1 if {Speed_Attack} = 1...
  20. Lordcre_

    Script Region Inventories 1.0.2

    A unique way to manage inventories! Region Inventories is a script that allows server owners to easily save and load different inventories for regions! Tutorial / Demonstration (I recommend viewing it here) Completely customizable (messages, permissions, sounds, etc) Easy setup Regular...