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Addon Guardian 1.2.6

A lightweight and accessible zones/regions plugin and Skript addon.

  1. Moderocky
    Mackenzie (Moderocky)
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15, 1.16
    Guardian is designed as a more lightweight alternative to plugins such as WorldGuard and Residence, with Skript support built into the plugin directly, a slightly more visual wand/creation system, and an extremely easy addon API that can be used through both Java and Skript.

    You can use this as a standalone plugin, or as a Skript addon! :emoji_astonished:

    Note: This is a new release. If you need help, please contact me on the skUnity Discord (@Mackenbee#0001) :emoji_slight_smile:

    Bug Tracker: (Click Here!)

    User? Download the latest release here.
    Developer? Learn about writing an extension or contributing here.



    • Intuitive creation system
    • Easy-to-extend addon system
    • Skript syntax for almost all features
    • Simple flag system to avoid priority disputes
    • Support for non-cuboidal zones (triangles? pentagons? :emoji_astonished:)
    • Lightweight event-caching system
    • No minecraft-version-dependent code
    • Built on the lightning-fast Mask framework.
    Getting Started
    1. Download the latest Guardian release.
    2. Put Guardian.jar into your plugins folder.
    3. Restart your server.
    4. Give players the guardian.command.wand permission to spawn a zone /wand. (Optional!)
    5. Give players the guardian.command.zone permission to create and edit zones. (Optional!)
    Code (Text):
    1. create [guardian] zone %string% between %location% and %location%
    3. register [a] new [guardian] protection flag %string%
    Code (Text):
    1. can perform %string% at %location%
    3. # if player can perform "break_blocks" at target block:
    Code (Text):
    1. ([the|all]) registered [guardian] flags
    3. [the] allowed players of [guardian] zone %string%
    4. [guardian] zone %string%'s allowed players
    6. [the] flags of [guardian] zone %string%
    7. [guardian] zone %string%'s flags
    9. [the] owner of [guardian] zone %string%
    10. [guardian] zone %string%'s owner
    12. ([the|all]) [guardian] zones at %location%
    14. all [guardian] zones
    16. [the] (vertices|corners) of [guardian] zone %string%
    17. [guardian] zone %string%'s (vertices|corners)

    + Guardian:
    • Doesn't require worldedit for creating zones
    • Much lighter, no extra interfering features
    • Built-in Skript syntax for almost all features
    • Much easier to write an addon for
    • You can create your OWN zone flags in skript
    • Zone creation system is more visual
    • Can easily create your own region types
    • Storage compression options
    • Chunking/caching system to avoid unnecessary checks
    • Polyhedral regions
    • Actively tries not to interfere with other plugins
    • Uses simple bi-state flags (yes or no)

    + WorldGuard:
    • Comes with more flags by default
    • Other plugins have built-in support for it
    • Has some additional features, like /stoplag
    • Uses tri-state flags (allow/deny/none) - this is much more complicated but may be useful for some people
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