PrimeChat [Channels, Chatgroups, Antiswear, and more!] New and Free

Script PrimeChat [Channels, Chatgroups, Antiswear, and more!] New and Free 1.2

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It works, if it's used completely standalone. Aside from that, saying its variable usage is poor would be an understatement, and it uses an abundance of if-statements where you could easily just slap in a list and have code that's much neater and easier to work with. It's also completely incompatible with other chat systems, because instead of adjusting the message or using the built-in prefix or formatting system, it completely cancels the chat event and blindly overrides the entire message system with whatever it pleases.

Overall, I'd rather go with a different alternative. Here's a neat list of things to change:

- Use lists instead of 10 if-statements
- Follow variable naming conventions and use uuids
- Use the built-in prefix system, and replace messages and chat formatting instead of cancelling them and sending your own
- Don't hardcode the prefix, instead use options.
Thanks (and no I don't mean this sarcastically)! This points out a lot of the problems with this current script. It's also a great reason why you shouldn't use this script right now.
I needed this script for a long time, thank you!

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Thanks for your review! This makes my day :)