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  1. S

    Crates with chances

    Category: Crates Suggested name: ServerCrates Spigot/Skript Version: Latest What I want: So I want crates that have custom winning chances (I should be able to change them) for each item. Each crate should have own key to open. No holograms needed. Ideas for commands: /crate...
  2. FireGuy

    How to create a sorted tablist?

    I want that my tablist is sorted by pex groups, like "&4Owner %player%" is first, then "&6Mod %player%" and so on. I dont found any syntax from addons. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. V

    Store event joined players in variable like {e::ccevents::%{_joinedplayers}%::players::*}

    Hello, if you reading this now you are here to help me make a list and in that list to store all player joined a event. So here is me code: INFO: In code i don't implement a feature of list soo i need a way to make it. command /hostevent: permission: cc.command.hostevent permission...
  4. HiiqhFive

    Script skNames | Create your own tablist groups! 1.0.000

    SKNAMES! for Skript 2.2 This system implements a way to manage your tablist prefixes/suffixes for every player. HINT: to sort your nametags, name the groups like that: a-owner b-admin c-moderator etc. DEPENDENCIES • Skript (at least version 2.2) • Skellett • skUtilities HOW TO INSTALL 1...