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Script PrimeChat [Channels, Chatgroups, Antiswear, and more!] New and Free 1.2

Manage your chat with some powerful commands

  1. FusionCore
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    NOTE: Probably shouldn't use this. There are much better options. Especially plugins! I might consider making a new "PrimeChat" relatively soon that is actually much better than all of the other chat scripts, but at the moment, this is one of the worst ones on the platform. If you do see PrimeChat and you want to use it, there are still some much better options out there.

    Author: TrueFusion (The Coding Pro)
    Name: PrimeChat
    Version: 2.2
    Depends on: Skript, TuSKe

    Have any questions/bugs?
    Message me on discord @ TrueFusion#2022

    Why is this better?

    Many Chat Plugins only allow you to set the chat for a few groups, or 1 channel, PrimeChat is MUCH more than that.
    - Unlimited Customized groups with a default and extremely customizable features.
    - Unlimited channels with Bans, Whitelisting, kicking, broadcasting, default channels, and more.
    - Allows you to toggle some features such as the Channels, and Fancy join and quit messages.

    PrimeChat system



    - /sethelp (1-10) (text): Sets the line for the popular /help message.
    - /help: Sends the set help message to the executor.

    Groups and more

    - /creategroup (name): Creates a chat group for your server
    - /deletegroup (name): Deletes a chat group from your server
    - /grouplist: Lists all the chat groups on your server.
    - /setdefault (group): Sets the default chat group for your server
    - /addplayer (group): Sets the chat group for a player.
    - /removeplayer (group): Sets the players group back to default.
    - /listplayers (group): Lists the players in a certain group.
    - /setprefix (group) (prefix): Sets the prefix for that group.
    - /setsuffix (group) (prefix): Sets the suffix for that group.
    - /setintercepter (group) (prefix): Sets the letter inbetween the player name/suffix and the message.
    - /setcolor (group) (prefix): Sets the chat color for that group.
    - /joinmsg (true/false): Toggles the fancy join message.
    - /quitmsg (true/false): Toggles the fancy leave message.
    - /message (player) (message): Messages the player in the command.
    - /ignore (player): Allows you to ignore someone when they send a message.
    - /broadcast (message): Broadcasts a message for all players
    - /mute (player) (reason): Mutes a player. The reason is optional.
    - /tempmute (player) (reason): Temporarily mutes a player from a GUI that allows you to set the time for the mute. The reason is optional.
    - /mutechat: Mutes the chat. If you type it again it unmutes. Only operators can speak when this is on.
    - /clearchat: Clears the server chat.


    - /channelstoggle (on/off): Toggles the channels feature. When you first load up the script it is offline so this is essential to the channels.
    - /channels (create/delete/list) (group): Does a variety of things that are useful for the channels feature.
    - /setdefaultchannel (group): Sets the default channel for when a player joins the server.
    - /channel (channel): The command that allows for players to join a certain channel.
    - /channelban (player) (channel): Bans a player from joining a channel.
    - /channelunban (player) (channel): Unbans a player from a channel.
    - /channelkick (player): Kicks a player from your channel.
    - /channelwhitelist (channel) (add/remove/list) (player): Allows you to set up a whitelist for a channel. Note: Only use player for when you are using add and remove.
    - /channelbroadcast (channel) (message): Broadcasts a certain message to a channel.
    - /mychannel: Allows you to see what your channel is
    - /channelbrowser: Opens up a browser of all servers with viewing options, and player count.


    - /notificationstoggle (on/off): Turns on and off Notifications.


    - /antiswear (add/remove/list) (word) Note: Only use the word for the add and remove.

    Server personilization

    - /serverprefix (prefix): Sets the prefix for your server chat
    - /servercolor (color code): Sets the color for your server chat.


    Servers using this script:

    - None yet. Post a comment to be featured here!
    - None yet. Post a comment to be featured here!
    - None yet. Post a comment to be featured here!
    - None yet. Post a comment to be featured here!
    - None yet. Post a comment to be featured here!

    What is in the next update -
    Upgrades to the chat system
    Possible feature
    Fixes (Possibly, may have gotten them all)

    Don't use this claiming this as your own. I spent a lot of time on this. Thank you.

Recent Updates

  1. Extremely powerful updates
  2. PrimeChat 1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Blue
    Version: 1.0
    It works, if it's used completely standalone. Aside from that, saying its variable usage is poor would be an understatement, and it uses an abundance of if-statements where you could easily just slap in a list and have code that's much neater and easier to work with. It's also completely incompatible with other chat systems, because instead of adjusting the message or using the built-in prefix or formatting system, it completely cancels the chat event and blindly overrides the entire message system with whatever it pleases.

    Overall, I'd rather go with a different alternative. Here's a neat list of things to change:

    - Use lists instead of 10 if-statements
    - Follow variable naming conventions and use uuids
    - Use the built-in prefix system, and replace messages and chat formatting instead of cancelling them and sending your own
    - Don't hardcode the prefix, instead use options.
    1. FusionCore
      Author's Response
      Thanks (and no I don't mean this sarcastically)! This points out a lot of the problems with this current script. It's also a great reason why you shouldn't use this script right now.
  2. novastosha
    Version: 1.0
    I needed this script for a long time, thank you!

    (50 chars....)
    1. FusionCore
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! This makes my day :)