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Addon MongoSK 2.1.0

The MongoDB database management addon for Skript.

  1. Some new syntaxes!

    The previous patch versions (2.0.1, 2.0.2 & 2.0.3) proved to be stable and without bugs, so here is a minor version (2.1.0)! This new version also brings some new features:

    ✨ Features

    - Update Mongo driver from version 4.2.2 to 4.3.0-beta1
    - Remove severe logging when a field does not exist in a document
    - Add an is empty document condition
    - Add an has value document condition
    - Add an has key document condition
    - Add Mongo sections!

    As you know, the creation of simple...
  2. New features

    Finally we come to an update with some new features!
    Right away, recap:

    - Fix syntaxes typos
    - Make Skript dependent instead of softdependent (should fix some issues on some MC hosting providers)

    - Introducing array support in joined filters expression
    - Introducing Mongo collection creation
    - Introducing Mongo database and collection drops
    - Introducing some features related to documents
    - Introducing Mongo commands

    That's it for today. And that's not bad....
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  3. Important bug fixes

    This new update brings many fixes. This one doesn't bring any additional big feature, because like the previous one, I prefer to concentrate on the bugs to be solved. But don't worry, some new features are still being developed in parallel!


    • Better error catching (6018854)
    • Fix some errors on the mongo document field expression...
  4. Some bug fixes

    Thank you all for your feedback on MongoSK 2.0.0. Thanks to you, some issues have been solved. Let's review them:

    - Mongo document lists not being deserialized
    - Fixing some codecs
    - Severe error when a field is not present in a document

    For this update, no additions have been made, while we receive feedback on the stability of this first v2 version. New features will be added soon.
  5. First 2.0.0 release

    As expected and planned for some time, here it is at last! MongoSK v2 makes place. On the program:

    • ⚡️ Database queries are executed asynchronously
      The code has been rewritten using the mongodb-driver-reactivestreams library

    • ⚙️ Automatic and intelligent transformation of all sorts of data
      You can now store all types of Skript as items, players, blocks, etc. MongoSK does the job for you!...
  6. Introducing Mongo filters

    As expected, here is a small update bringing a new feature. For the time being, this is a pre-release. A stable version will be released in a few days if it turns out that these new features are stable and do not add any sudden changes.
    • ✨ Introducing Mongo filters
    • ⚡ Little performances improvements by using better methods to retrieve all datas
    As always, I am always open to any comments or suggestions!
  7. Some improvements and new features

    Originally wanting to publish bigger updates with more content, I will now be doing smaller updates but on a more regular schedule. Here is a quick summary of this update:

    - ✨ Adding more error messages and better exceptions handling
    - Remove Skript-based events as they're useless and will be replaced in the next update
    - ✨ Better and beautiful console logging
    - ✨ Introducing more document features
    - ⚗️ Introducing experimental codecs
    Codecs are used to serialize Java objects so that they...