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  1. sluhtie

    Most performant way to save data

    Hey, so I'm trying out for a while now what would be the most performant and efficient way to save player data. I came up with 4 different ways to do so. But now I wanted to ask what you guys think is the best way to do that. I sorted them from most performant to most unperformant. Method 1 -...
  2. sluhtie

    Custom Model Data GUI

    Hey, I'm looking for a way to create gui with custom model data to the player. Is that somehow possible?
  3. T


    Hello, so the last month or so I've been remaking my skripts using skript-yaml because I find out that it's a very good way to store player data without having any serious lag issues with many variables. However I've been dealing with a very weird issue, the yaml files of each player just...
  4. N

    TuSKe deletes my block data. Please help!

    Hello guys! I have a rather big issue. Im using TuSKe for a generator skript and i dont know why but when i right click on the generator and the skript opens the menu the block data for the generator is gone? Please help! I linked my code
  5. Y

    Block Data

    Hello. I want to make this: When I place stone block named "X". And I break it. When I pick it up again I want to make its name "X". And I want if "X" stone placed do something(forexample send "hi") Is there any way to do that? I heard datas but I don't have any clue what's that. Thanks
  6. T

    Help with block State.

    How to write a block state in a skript? My server MC version is 1.13. For example, I need to make a script to check the installation of a half block at the top of the block. Sorry if there are errors, I do not speak English and use a translator =)
  7. M

    Solved Saving data to mysql for certain variables

    Hello, i know you know alot about skripting, so here is my question. Note : Thanks for all the help already In the config it says this: # # MySQL example: # A MySQL database example, with options unrelated to MySQL removed. type: disabled# change to line below to enable this database # type...
  8. w1nst0n

    Getting Text from Log File

    Hey lads! Is it possible to get the data (aka text) from a log file as a variable in Skript? I looked in the Skript docs and there is only writing to a file... is there a well-known addon with this feature? By the way, I'm sorry that this help request doesn't follow the requested format. I...
  9. Wolwer

    Solved Change data writing format

    Hi! I need help. I need to change data writing format from: 8/15/19 9:38 PM To 8-15-19 9:38 EST How to do this? Thanks <3
  10. Orendigo

    Other Use YAML (Responsibly)

    So I posted this in a thread a while ago, and I felt it needs a bigger audience, so I'll post it here. So, I was curious about the subject, so I ran a few test to gather data. My findings were pretty much what I expected after reading Rezz's Don't Use Yaml post. Using the script provided in...
  11. O

    Logging commands to a .txt file

    Hey, I'm getting no errors on reload, but when I do a command, I get this error in console: And when I join, I get this error: Here's my code: on join: if {rank.%player%} is not "Member" or "DonarRank1" or...