Kill Leaderboard

Script Kill Leaderboard 1.1

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
  2. 1.9
  3. 1.10
  4. 1.11
  5. 1.12
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.14
What is this?
This script simply has one purpose. To show an example of a fully made kill leaderboard along with other helpful commands and functions. I see people asking for kill leaderboard stuff all the time on the forums and this resource should help with that.

1. A very fast sorting system made with skript-mirror (up to 50k values a second!)
2. K/D Stats including KDR
3. Automatic leaderboard updater
4. Helpful commands related to the leaderboard.
5. An offline player cacher so you can create fake players for testing purposes.
6. Should be enough info for one to create their own leaderboards.

/kills [<offline player>] - Tells you the K/D stats of a player
/placing [<offline player>] - Tells you what place a player is on the leaderboard
/place [<integer>] - Tells you the player at a certain place on the leaderboard
/topkills [<integer>] - Displays the top killers based on a page system.
/updateKillsLeaderboard - A manual way to update the kills leaderboard.
/cachedofflineplayers - View the cached offline players.
/killsadmin <set,add,remove> <kills,deaths> <offline player> <amount> - Change the kills or deaths of a specified offline player.

* Skript for your version
* Skript-Mirror 2.0.0+
* SkQuery

Extra Information
1. This script was made on 2.3.6, but that does not mean you cannot use this! To make this compatible with 2.3.7 or higher, change the "send" message to "send formatted" when using json formatting. You will not get an error when reloading but the formatting will be messed up. Changing it to "send formatted" will fix the problem!

2. This script is not intended for use by itself. Rather, its for you to learn how to make your own leaderboards. You are allowed to use this script and its features for your own scripts.

3. I made a tutorial on leaderboard stuff already in the tutorial section on this forum. If you would like to view that, here is the link:

4. I am open for questions anytime. You can pm me on discord if you want (AsuDev#0714).

EWS for making this sorting method in skript-mirror.

/kills command

/placing command

/place command

/updateKillsLeaderboard command

/topkillers command

/cachedofflineplayers command
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