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  1. G


    Hello, I use the plugin Ajleaderboards and im trying to add the PAPI expression as a skript variable my variable is {money::%player%} Can anyone help i have tried all of the expanisons. or could someone reccomend a different way to do leaderboards (hologram)
  2. O

    can't be set to because the latter is not an object

    Hello, I'm trying to revive an old server with a hologram leaderboard system using MorkazSK and skript-holo but whenever I try and reload the Skript file, it brings this error: {_slevels::*} can't be set to 'sorted {gold::*} from highest to lowest with format "@{index}"' because the latter is...
  3. M

    I dont know how to make a leaderboard.

    So uh, for a server, i wanted to make a leaderboard that shows: Kills, name, rank and blocks mined. The ranks have been made with LP (LuckyPerms) if that's needed. (i have skore)
  4. G


    Hi everyone! Im want to make a point leaderboard. I dont know how to do that, Maybe you know, so please if you can, make it! Thanks! My points var: {%player%.points}
  5. W

    Points leaderboard broken

    Hey, I've been using that sorting method to make a leaderboard that shows the 5 players that have the most points (you get points on kill, events, staying on the server, etc.) and I've noticed that some players had enough points to be in the leaderboard but they weren't. My code: import...
  6. O

    Top Blocks Mined leaderboard

    Ok I am a fairly new "Skripter" and I have never tried to do a leaderboard, so I was wondering, could anyone give me a "Top Blocks Mined" leaderboard? Or even like "Top Prestige" or "Top Coins" would be awesome, thanks!
  7. TenToTu Sho

    Create a Leaderboard

    So, I have a code, where i add to the variable {pvp.elo.%player%} whenever they get a kill or remove from it when they die. What i tried to do is to make a leaderboard with each of the different positions on the leaderboard (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) would be a different variable, as I want to put it...
  8. Jonathan Cohen

    Kill leaderboard

    Category: Leaderboards Spigot/Skript Version: Latest What I want: A proper description. A top 3 killers leaderboard https://ibb.co/HXNXZ1s Ideas for commands: none Ideas for permissions: none When I'd like it by: A reasonable time
  9. ItsMCB

    Points Leaderboard

    I've been trying to create a Points Leaderboard, I'm confused to what I'm doing wrong. command /egranking: trigger: loop {Points::%player%}: add 1 to {_size} if {_low.to.high.list::%loop-value%} is not set: set {_low.to.high.list::%loop-value%}...