Script BeeShops 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.18
  2. 1.19
BeeShops is a script that allows players to create their own simple shops in skript code using the power of SkBee.

Note: This script is meant to be a basis for a shop script. This is not a completed product, but something you can build off of to complete what you need.

- Buy/Sell any type of item (even custom items)
- Unlimited amount of shops
- Supports redirect items (item to redirect a player to another shop), placeholder items (Do nothing), close items (close a shop) and buy/sell items.
- Fast and efficient if used correctly.

How to create shops (typically in a load event):

# redirectShopItem(display item, shop to redirect to)
# Opens another shop to a player

# createShopItem(item, amount, isBuyable, buy price, isSellable, sell price, hideflags value for display item)
# Creates a buyable/sellable item for a shop

# placeholderShopItem(item as placeholder)
# Creates a placeholder item that does nothing

# closeShopItem(display item)
# Creates an item that closes the shop

# Create a shop
# This will create a shop called "main"
set {-shops::main} to chest inventory with 1 row named "&bSHOP"

# Create an item in shop "main"
# This will create an item in the store that sells 1 stone for $20 and is not sellable
set slot 0 of {-shops::main} to createShopItem(stone, 1, true, 20, false, 10)

# Create a redirect item in shop "main"
# This will create an item that will redirect a player to another shop named "weapons"
set slot 1 of {-shops::main} to redirectShopItem((diamond sword named "&cWEAPONS" with lore "&7&oClick to view weapons."), "weapons", 63)
There are more examples in the skript itself.

Current commands:
- /shops - List of shops
- /openshop [<player>] <shop> - Open a shop

It is highly recommended to have non persistent variables enabled for this script. This will increase the performance massively ((?!-).* pattern):

Addons required: SkBee (afaik)
Tested on: Paper 1.18.2, SkBee 2.5.4

If you need any additional help, feel free to message me on discord: MaybeAsu#1026
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