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Addon GameAPI 2.0.3

Create awesome games with GameAPI !

  1. Welcome new features!


    It's been a long time since I've updated GameAPI, but don't worry, there were many tests going on. So, this new version is now available!

    ⚠️This version has probably breaking changes. Please report me any issue you have here ⚠️

    Here are changes
    • A launching system with a custom cooldown system. The yaml file will be like
    Code (Text):
    1. timer:
    2.   time: 20
    3.   messages_as:...
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  2. Hot fix and new features!


    Hey there!
    A new release of GameAPI is now available with a lot of hot fix and of course new feature to make your imagination for games awesome!

    Here are changes:


    • Signs issue fixed
    • Skript events (was link with wrong Bukkit event) fixed
    • Game loader message fixed
    • Point system issue fixed
    • Wrong...
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