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skUnity Official Firefox Addon for skUnity 1.2

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The official Firefox Addon for skUnity

NOTICE: This addon is a BETA version! I have literally just made the required changes for it to work on Firefox. I have no Firefox experience. There may be unnoticed errors and bugs. I am aware of multiple issues. To install this, go to about:addons in Firefox -> Extensions, little cog on the top right, "Install Add-on From File", then select the downloadable file from this resource. I will attempt to get it put on the correct download channels via Mozilla, but need to sort somethings out within the addon first.
Welcome to the Resource Page for the official Firefox Addon for skUnity! This Firefox Addon allows you to easily search the docs without leaving your current tab.

All searches done within the skUnity Extension are shown there but can easily be shown in a new tab. To search, just type in your query into the main textbox. Searching supports the full possibilities provided by the actual search on the docs site. Once done just click go or hit enter. If you'd like your results in a new tab, click go twice or hit enter twice.

- Clicking the Addon Tag of a search result does a search for that addon
- You can use enter to search instead of clicking the Go button
- Hit enter twice or double click the Go button to have your results appear in a new tab

- Never need to leave your tab to do a search
- Fetchs live results from skUnity

- View your recent searches to easily access them again
- Share links to the search without having to make a new tab
- More integration with the forums and other skUnity services

Got an issue? Suggestion? Please just reply to the Discussion part of this Resource. Reviews that contain bug reports will be removed.

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Excellent, thank you very much for making it for Firefox