Script Cellblock 2.0.0-pre3

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
  3. 1.9
  4. 1.10
  5. 1.11
  6. 1.12
  7. 1.13
  8. 1.14


Cellblock is a script that allows you to create cells for your players. It's designed to run on prison servers by offering a range of features such as auto-resetting cells, renting cells and many more! Cellblock is NOT a jailing plugin! Cellblock is intended for your players to set up a home within a specific area. It's similar to Residence.


A powerful core for any prison server - Cellblock comes jam-packed with features!

  • Powerful API
    • Even though Cellblock is in Skript, it features an API that allows anyone to extend from Cellblock
  • Flag system
    • Cell owners can set flags for other users to let them have different access levels for their cells
  • Homes
    • Directly integrated into Cellblock is a way for your users to set their Home Cell so they never get lost
  • Easy renting
    • Players can rent a cell via a command or the signs for a cell. The CellAddon - Cell Directory also integrates with this (more info below)
  • Simple creation
    • Enable set-mode via commands, using the set item, left and right-click 2 points, do a command and the cell is then made
  • Instant price and time setting
    • When you set the price or time of a cell, it is instantly updated and in immediate use
  • Integrated time monitoring and auto-resetting
    • Cellblock will automatically reset cells that exceed their rented time


Installation for versions of Cellblock 1.0 -> 1.5:

To install just purchase the resource, download and then move the file to your "/plugins/Skript/scripts" folder. Do /sk reload Cellblock - and you're good to go!

Installation of versions of Cellblock 1.6+:
Simple purchase Cellblock and gain access to the resource. Download Cellblock using the "Download" button above. You'll download a .zip file called Cellblock.zip. Open it up using WinRar, 7Zip, Windows Explorer or whatever else can open a .zip file. Take out Cellblock.sk and pop it into your "/plugins/Skript/scripts" folder. If you'd like to use Cell_Directory, just do the same as above. Once done, either start your server or perform "/skript reload all" while in-game. Cellblock will then be installed and ready to go!

Installation for Cellblock 2.0.0-pre1 and above:
Cellblock 2 does not contain any conversion tools for Cellblock 1. This means that no data will be carried across. A converter is currently being created. Only use 2.0.0-pre1 for testing and if you're ready to start using Cellblock from scratch.

IMPORTANT: Cellblock 2.0.0-pre1 is the first pre-release of Cellblock 2. It is not intended for production servers as it may contain bugs.

To install Cellblock 2.0.0-pre1, simple download the zip file, open it up and take Cellblock 2.sk out of it. Place that into /plugins/Skript/scripts/ and use the /reload Cellblock 2 command in-game. For enter/exit cell messages, you can use the CellEnterExit.sk following the same setup as before.

Cellblock will then be successfully installed and working! If you get any errors please post them in the discussion part of this resource.


I have made it so that you can change various things throughout Cellblock. These can be edited directly through the script by opening the file in any text reader such as Notepad++ and modifying the "Options section". All the options have some comments by them giving a basic understanding.


Cellblock has a whole host of commands and features. All the commands are listed in /cb help and can also view specific command information by doing /cb help <command>. It's probably easier for me to suggest you do this than listing commands here.


To create a cell you must first toggle on set mode (/cb setmode). Then using the defined item (Default: stick) you left and right-click the 2 points you want the cell to be. Once selected doing the command /cb create <Cell ID> - will make the cell. It can be rented by doing /cb rent [Cell ID] - (info below)

Cellblock currently protects chest, hopper, furnace, minecart, iron door, wooden door, ender chest, crafting table, lever and button. This can be added to easily! Just adding onto it in the aliases section of the script. Cellblock also stops placing and breaking within cells.


When you buy Cellblock, you're given access to a .zip file containing the current files:
- Cellblock (latest version: 1.8)
- Cell_Directory (latest version 1.1)
- DefaultCellProtection (latest version 1.0)
- BetterCells (latest version 1.0)


Cellblock is the core script and Cell_Directory is an addon to it. See the update here how to use it. Cell Directory is not required for Cellblock and you can freely just use Cellblock.

Another addon is DefaultCellProtection. Designed to protect the cells themselves from the cell owner. This prevents players profiting from what the cell is built out off.

With Cellblock 1.8, came another free CellAddon! BetterCells adds more features to the cells of Cellblock. Currently, BetterCells allows players to buy the cells via /cb buy. More work is being done to have a rental and buying price and making buying the only way to have cells instead of renting.


With every update of Cellblock, I monitor any changes to data and variables. If there have been changes then a converter is created to ensure that your data is updated correctly. The converter is tested multiple times and ensured it's in working order. The converter is run when Cellblock begins. It only runs once and then a variable is set to prevent it from running again.

IMPORTANT: There is NO upgrade/conversion tool for any version of Cellblock 1.x to Cellblock 2. A conversion tool is coming soon.


If you're using version 1.1 of Cellblock, you just need to do /cb rent [Cell ID] - to rent a cell

Via Skript and Vault, Cellblock supports any economy plugin that hooks into Vault. PayPoint support has also been integrated but this script is currently pending re-release.

As of Cellblock 1.8 - BetterCells allows your players to buy cells via /cb buy [cell]. This means the cell never resets and is always the players. DefaultCellProtection will still prevent the player from breaking any existing cell blocks


Skript: https://forums.skunity.com/resources/323/
skQuery: https://forums.skunity.com/resources/68/


There are multiple places in which you can contact me,
  • Reply to the Discussion section of this thread
  • PM me on Spigot or skUnity
  • Add me on Skype: nfell2009
  • Add me on Discord: BaeFell#0001
I'll try and help as much as I can, please read the Support Policy below for more information about the help and support I offer.


I'm more than happy to help at any point with regards to Cellblock. However, I am unable to provide support which may be regarded as in-script help if your account is not on my buyer's list. This includes troubleshooting and bug fixing. You're more than free to ask questions as to what is included, but if I believe you're using an unofficial version of Cellblock, I will not respond. If you're an admin or developer for a server using Cellblock, please get the resource buyer to PM me (including your account) confirming that you're said role. Requests, suggestions and ideas are welcomed, but not promised. I'll try my best to integrate your suggestion into Cellblock, but if I believe it's too specialised then I'll suggest hiring me for a CellblockAddon.


* Refunds are at my discretion only.
* You're not to redistribute this in any form, original, modified or other.
* I am not liable for any breakages
* Note: Cellblock is made in Skript. If you have not understood this and purchase Cellblock, I will not refund you.
* I reserve all my rights


If you want to complain about this using Skript then go somewhere else. I don't care if you dislike Skript and don't want to hear it. Skript allows people to easily customise their server and empowers them to create. If you attack me or Skript, you'll be reported. Simple as.
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