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skript-debug by skUnity
What is skript-debug?

Continuing on with skUnity's mission to provide unique, useful and the best development tools for Skript, we're happy to announce the release of skript-debug! skript-debug is a brand new tool created by skUnity to help users share the error they're having with others. skript-debug is comprised of 2 parts. A server plugin that detects errors and can send them to skUnity for you. And the second part is the skUnity Debug site. These 2 parts work together so that the data from the server can be sent to skUnity so that it can be shared with others.

Why would I need this?

Quite often when someone asks for help, the same questions are asked:
  • What plugins are you using?
  • What's your server software and version?
  • What version of Skript are you on?
  • What plugins do you have?
  • What are the errors?
  • What's the full code?
  • Was there a console error?
This massively slows down the speed at which help can be given and demotivates those giving help as they're required to ask the same questions over and over again to help someone. skript-debug aims to resolve that by providing all the essential information on an easy to view, share and access website.

How can I get skript-debug?!

You can download the skript-debug jar using the button above. Drop the jar file into your /plugins/ folder and restart (or reload) your server. Once you're set up and ready to go, you can simply do /skript-debug {script}. You'll then have a link generated in chat which will send you to the skUnity Debug website to view the information and share it with others.

What information is sent to skUnity?

Only essential information is sent to skUnity. This includes:
  • Your server software and version
  • Skript version
  • Plugins including the name, version and the URL for them from the plugin jar file
  • The script used in the /skript-debug command
  • Skript errors for the script
  • Console stacktrace if there is one present
No other information about the server or your scripts is sent to skUnity.
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The plugin is currently not working! It is not detecting errors and the website is not connected