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- Many commands added,
- creation of configuration files rewrited,
- now using skript-yaml instead of skutilities (skutilities isn't compatible with sharpsk when doing some stuff, like geting yaml value and sending it)
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- /recipe <item> no longer give 1 of specified item to the player.
- recipes wich can't be shown correctly are now censured.
Corrected many teleporting bugs
That's not perfect, there's a little lack of messages, ipban, tempipban, pardon command... but it is usable...Bukkit has its own command for ipban, so that's not really important. If you ipban a player, that's often for lifetime, so that you don't need a tempipban...
This skript does not use any "every 1 second" thing, and it will never does. That's why it is less laggy than essentials.
Fixed gamemode permission not showing correctly