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  1. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials REL4.8

    > about < ⇒ Skript available on 1.15+ (There may be minor bugs on versions 1.13-1.14) ⇒ This is a big remade of essentials in skript. ⇒ Skript requires a few addons. Required addons: (Clickable) (Important!) ⇪ Skript 2.6+ ⇪ sk-reflect ⇪ skQuery ⇪...
  2. FrostPVP™️

    Solved I need a skript

    i need EssentialsSpawn but its a skript (i need it to be instant teleport not wait 5 seconds) Thank You! :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. O

    Solved Adding a variable to player's balance

    I found an issue regarding adding variables to a player's balance. I don't think you need my whole code, so here's the line of code: add {_a} to player's balance It doesn't seem to work and the error is: Can't understand this condition/effect: add {_a} to player's balance
  4. S

    Help With Setting a String to Int. Then Comparing Two Int.

    Hi, I just started skripting so pardon if the code itself is absolute garbage. Im having trouble converting one of my strings (in this case my essentials economy balance) to an integer (So instead of $6,520 ill have 6250). This is so I can compare it to another string (of which I convert to an...
  5. TobyMinceraft

    Script skWorth 1.3

    skWorth by TobyMinceraft NOTE Almost everything you see here is described more in-depth on my "wiki" located on my website: Description A simple script which gives server owners a customizable "/buy" command for players. This allows...
  6. E

    Solved Sell (item) for essentials money?

    I made a skript where it's essentially a cookie clicker skript with a custom currency as {cookies}. I want the players to be able to do /sellcookies in order to get essentials money. 1 cookie = 1$ Sell Cookies Skript: command /sellcookies: permission: cookies.sell permission message...
  7. sOxTw

    add mob spawner with ID:AUX

    Well I tell you my problem, when I try to give a spawner mob in the following way "mob spawner: 50" (it would be from creeper) it does not let me give me the following error ':50 named "&c&lSpawner de Creeper" with lore "&aCanjeado por:||&e%player%||&aEl Dia: &e%now%||||&eEspecie: Creeper"' is...
  8. ColaCinema

    Script MOTD (in-game) easy and fast! 2018-03-03

    About CoMOTD: I always use the MOTD in essentials but im to lazy to download a other plugin or go it the config folder. so i created CoMOTD to make it to my liking. you can change a line in the MOTD with only one command and then its all done! Dependencies: Skript - 2.2-dev33 Commands: /Motd -...
  9. F

    Script Simple Essentials Pro [ ★ Still Being Maintained! 1.12.x - 1.14.x ★ ] 1.14.1

    Simple Essentials is an Essentials Skript aiming to be better then all the other ones on Spigot. Currently it is no where near a good standard and is currently in Alpha stage with HEAVY Development. This is currently my main project and I will try to be pushing out frequent updates. Be sure to...
  10. HYPExMon5ter

    Script Ultimate Essentials PRO ✪ Essentials Converter ✪ [1.9-1.13] ✪ Over 165 Commands! 3.2

    Ultimate Essentials Pro is a second take on Essentials that goes above and beyond. UE Pro includes all the features and commands you know and love in a completely different way. Through the use of GUI menus and beautifully recoded commands, UE Pro offers the best user-friendly command...
  11. Nutella

    Script Mail Pay 1.0

    Hi! This is a simple script from me. This script will provide balance payment feature from Essentials plugin to other player without having to be online. Additional add-ons of the scripts that should be used are skUtillities. Just download it, move the file to the Skript folder, reload the...
  12. B

    Script Essentials 1.5.9

    Ultimate Essentials Skript YOU CAN CHANGE THE LANGUAGE TO "fr" IN THE CONFIG IF YOU'RE FRENCH, AS IN THE REAL ESSENTIALS Requirements: Important ones: Skript dev 35 or higher, skutilities, skript-yaml, vault, an economy plugin. Optionnals: MundoSk: /vanish: hide player in tablist during...
  13. H

    Script SK-Essentials 2.0

    Version 2.0 this is a skript version of essentials this is not fully done and this is my first skript being posted that was made by me This Has: # /clearchat # /sethome , /home # /broadcast # /tp # /tphere # /tpa # /tpaccept # /skessentials (help menu) Dependents: Skript 2.2 More Updates...
  14. Vexio

    Script Ion - A Recreation of Essentials v1.5.1

    What is Ion? Ion is a recreation of Essentials, within Skript 2.2 & skQuery. It contains features such as /vanish, /tp, /tpcoords, and many more. You can find an entire Documentation on the GitHub Page. What is Proton, Neutron, Electron & Photon for? Ion is split-up into (currently) 4 Separate...