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Script DailyReward | Easy Configuration | Money - Material - Command Reward 1.7.1 1.8

DailyReward Script | Easy Configuration

  1. 1.15.x Support & Optimization

    Bug Fix and Optimization
  2. Sale Broadcast

  3. Small Bug Fix

    Small Bug Fixed​
  4. Crash Report Name Problem

    • Crash Report Name Problem (new Crash report name is CrashReports.19-00.txt
  5. VIP Roulette, Simulator for haven't permission and more

    [ ] Added new Roulette for VIP users...
  6. PAPI Support and More

    [ ] PlaceHolderAPI Support Added %DailyRewards_Timer%...
  7. Bug Fix & Optimizations

    [ ] Now if addon is missing skript will disable itself and creating crash report...
  8. Fixed Bug,

    • Fixed error which give error when add reward
    • Added Min and Max Turn Number
  9. Small Bug Fix

    Bug Fixed
  10. Bug Fix and Annoucment

    A Few Bug Fixed
    Please Try Again The Buy (The Last Buyers)
    I Have A Problem with paypal last month
    I Believe I Was Survived