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  1. SirMario

    Trying to create a script that gives the player a reward every 24 hours

    Hello, I'm having difficulty creating a script for my minecraft server. I want a script that gives players a reward every 24 hours if they log on that day. So basically a daily reward for anyone that logs in that day and it has a 24 hour cooldown after they've received the reward. This is the...
  2. S

    Script DailyReward | Easy Configuration | Money - Material - Command Reward 1.7.1 1.8

    VIP Mode You can make DailyReward Awards Special for VIP Members. Simulation Roulette If users do not have permission, They see simulation roulette.This roulette does not reward users, Only Simulation is shown to them. Reward Types You can use Material, Money and Command as a reward...