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Update 1.2

• Added CPS detection:
- Configurable minimum cps to notify
- Option to log in a separate file as well ingame

• Added 'entity' detection for reach
- Mobs can now trigger people's reach.

• Improved on the (Default) history format
Update 1.1 (thanks to Ofus)
Improved the 'Log' system:

• There is now an option to enable/disable logging to a separate file (Default is true and the old logging system is still in place)
• Changed the default 'Log' format

• Updated the 'Version' string because I know what that is now.
• Removed 'damage cause is not projectile' as it was not needed
• Removed all the 'stop' lines and replaced accordingly.
• Changed the Notify default message from '%attacker% tried to attack %victim%' to '%attacker% failed to hit %victim%'

To be Expected:
• Variable Improvements
• Other improvements of course (leave suggestions on discord 'MrScopes#5543')