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Skript comes back with no errors but doesn't actually work

Discussion in 'Skript' started by MPGxxYT, Jul 18, 2019.

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  1. MPGxxYT

    MPGxxYT Member

    Feb 14, 2018
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    The skript gives no errors but when the command is run the items aren't in the chest that spawned.

    command /chestspawn [<text>]:
    loop {%arg 1%::chest::*}:
    #the location of chest pos list
    set block at loop-value to chest
    set {_item-count} to random integer from 2 to 5
    clear inventory of block at loop-value
    loop {_item-count} times:
    chance of 100%:
    set {_item} to random element out of {sg.50::%arg 1%::*}
    #<list of items with only chain boots on it
    add {_item} to inventory of block at loop-value #I assume it is something to do with this line ~~
    send "%{_item}%" #debug item just tells me the item
    send "%loop-value%" #debug chest location tells me the chest location
  2. LukynkaCZE

    LukynkaCZE Active Member

    May 12, 2019
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    Hi, I don't know exactly what you're trying to do, but if you're doing something like Chest Refill, try this skript

    Code (Text):
    1. options:
    2.     prefix: &6
    3.     perm: is.admin
    4.     noperm: &cYou don't have the permission to do that!
    5.     minitems: 1
    6.     maxitems: 3
    9. on load:
    10.     clear {ritem::*}
    11.     add 2 eggs to {ritem::*}
    12.     add 10 eggs to {ritem::*}
    13.     add 8 eggs to {ritem::*}
    14.     add gold sword to {ritem::*}
    15.     add gold helmet to {ritem::*}
    16.     add iron chestplate to {ritem::*}
    17.     add gold leggings to {ritem::*}
    18.     add iron boots to {ritem::*}
    19.     add 12 arrow to {ritem::*}
    20.     add 16 arrow to {ritem::*}
    21.     add 24 arrow to {ritem::*}
    22.     add 32 stone to {ritem::*}
    23.     add 16 stone to {ritem::*}
    24.     add 48 bricks to {ritem::*}
    25.     add 15 bricks to {ritem::*}
    26.     add bow to {ritem::*}
    27.     add leather boots to {ritem::*}
    28.     add leather helmet to {ritem::*}
    29.     add leather chestplate to {ritem::*}
    30.     add leather leggings to {ritem::*}
    31.     add 16 snowballs to {ritem::*}
    32.     add 32 snowballs to {ritem::*}
    33.     add 1 golden apple to {ritem::*}
    34.     add 2 golden apple to {ritem::*}
    35.     add 4 golden apple to {ritem::*}
    36.     add 32 oak planks to {ritem::*}
    37.     add 16 oak planks to {ritem::*}
    38.     add 64 oak planks to {ritem::*}
    39.     add 1 ender pearl to {ritem::*}
    40.     add 2 ender pearl to {ritem::*}
    41.     add 3 experience bottle to {ritem::*}
    42.     add 6 experience bottle to {ritem::*}
    43.     add 4 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    44.     add 7 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    45.     add 12 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    46.     add 4 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    47.     add 7 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    48.     add 12 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    49.     add 4 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    50.     add 7 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    51.     add 12 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    52.     add 4 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    53.     add 7 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    54.     add 12 175 named "&cKredit" to {ritem::*}
    61. command /skchest [<text>]:
    62.     trigger:
    63.         if arg 1 is "add":
    64.             if player has permission "{@perm}":
    65.                 if target block is chest:
    66.                     add location of target block to {cheloc::*}
    67.                     message "{@prefix} Succesfully executed &3AddChest"
    68.                     loop {cheloc::*}:
    69.                         if loop-value is location of target block:
    70.                             message "{@prefix} This chest has already been checked as a SkChest!"
    71.                             stop
    72.                 else:
    73.                     message "&b{@prefix} You need to select a chest!"
    74.             else:
    75.                 message "{@noperm}"
    76.         if arg 1 is "remove":
    77.             if player has permission "{@perm}":
    78.                 if target block is a chest:
    79.                     remove location of target block from {cheloc::*}
    80.                     message "{@prefix} Succesfully removed the selected chest!"
    81.                     clear inventory of target block
    82.                     stop
    83.                 else:
    84.                     message "{@prefix} You need to select a chest!"
    85.             else:
    86.                 message "{@noperm}"
    87.         if arg 1 is "refill":
    88.             if player has permission "{@perm}":
    89.                 loop {cheloc::*}:
    90.                     set {_cheslot::*} to ""
    91.                     loop 27 times:
    92.                         add loop-number to {_slotnum::*}
    93.                     clear inventory of block at loop-value
    94.                     wait 1 tick
    95.                     message "&b{@prefix} Succesfully executed &3ChestRefill"
    96.                     set {_loop} to a random integer between {@minitems} and {@maxitems}
    97.                     loop {_loop} times:
    98.                         set {_cheitem} to a random element out of {ritem::*}
    99.                         set {_cheslot} to a random element out of {_slotnum::*}
    100.                         add {_cheitem} to slot ({_cheslot} - 1) of block at loop-value-1
    101.             else:
    102.                 message "{@noperm}"
    103.         if arg 1 is "about" OR "version":
    104.             message "&3&lSkChests &r&b> Currently running version &3Build 2&b, created by Efnilite"
    105.         if arg 1 is not set:
    106.             if player has permission "{@perm}":
    107.                 message "{@prefix} You need to specify a command! Usage: /skchest <add/remove/refill>"
    108.             else:
    109.                 message "{@noperm}"
    - Commands:
    - /skchest > Main command.
    - /skchest add > Add a chest to the list of chests.
    - /skchest remove > Remove a chest from the list
    - /skchest refill > If you have selected all your chests, or if your minigame is over, you can make the console..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.