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  1. Epo___

    [Urgent] Custom Craft Skript

    This is urgent and a bit last minute so excuse that. I need a Skript for 1.8.8 Spigot that makes a sword with a custom name. Details: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sword Name: "&cHades Sword" Sword Enchants / Effects: +15 hearts when...
  2. I

    Solved Random command executed Every 1 hour

    So i want a skript that makes a list of commands then execute them randomly to all players every 1 hour so for example i want every 1 hour to pick either to execute effect strength, haste, or jumpboost for 5 minutes and it will send a title to all players saying "Event %name of the effect% has...
  3. S

    Skript Update Checker

    Ok, so before you say anything, I read the forums. I want to create an update checker for my skript. It will check if the skript is outdated, and if it is, then it will broadcast "Skript Outdated!" or something. I read this post...
  4. O

    internal error occurred while trying to execute this command

    command /sell: trigger: set {_stone} to amount of stone in player's inventory set {_coal} to amount of coal in player's inventory * 2 set {_iron} to amount of iron ingot in player's inventory * 5 set {_gold} to amount of gold ingot in player's inventory * 10...
  5. K

    Solved Players in a certain world

    Hi! is there a way to show the players in ONE WORLD only im trying to do a scoreboard help pls
  6. K

    Scoreboard issue

    on player world change: if world is "Dupe": wipe player's sidebar set name of sidebar of player to "&d&lGalaxyDupe" set score "" in sidebar of player to 4 set score "&d&lYOU" in sidebar of player to 3 set score "&7Name: &d%player%" in sidebar of player...
  7. K


    Hello! i am using a Scoreboard skript and i have ran into a problem This doesnt work it doesnt display the &7Guild: please reply as soon as possible!!!!!!! And thanks for your time Also the skript is on player world change: if world is "Dupe": wipe player's sidebar wait 1...
  8. K

    Solved Send message to a variable

    Hello! i am using a guild skript and i have ran into a problem \ command /guildchat <text>: trigger: send "&6[GUILD] %player%&a: &a%arg-1%" to {guild::memberlist::%{guild::%executor's uuid%}%::*} this doesnt work please help (MY SERVER RELEASED IN 2 DAYS REPLY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE)
  9. ZeProf2Fail

    Problem with Skript and Savage Factions

    Hello, I've a problem with SavageFactions and Skript, the Skript hooking expected an error ! Here is the error code [11:09:35 INFO]: [Factions] [Factions v1.6.9.5-U0.2.1-RC-1.6.2-RC-2.5-RC-9] ==== Setup ==== [11:09:35 WARN]: [Factions] Default system encoding may have misread config.yml from...
  10. M

    Solved Url text

    On reload it says that he can't understand this expression: set {NEWEST_VERSION} to line 2 from url "https://pastebin.com/raw/amWVVsZ8" The entire skript: Command /update-sk: trigger: set {NEWEST_VERSION} to line 2 from url "https://pastebin.com/raw/amWVVsZ8" How do I fix?
  11. G

    How do you read a scoreboard?

    Hello! I have a question: How do I get a score of a player? I want to make something that looks like this: loop all players: set {_maxhp} to %player%'s score of objective maxhealth I have looked at both docs and forums
  12. J

    Solved While right click

    Is there a way to make it so that when you right click, it triggers a "while" event that keeps going while you are right clicking. on right click with 2256: if {alreadyfiring.%player%} is not set: if player is right clicking: set {alreadyfiring.%player%} to "True"...
  13. Selvati

    Player Trading GUI / SafeTrade [Please Click]

    The Idea: I ask the community to help me find the solution on how to make a player trading gui skript, where both players must agree/accept the trade to complete the transaction. If any player closes the inventory the items are returned to the correct players, and the trade is cancelled. Basic...
  14. Selvati

    Custom Trade/Craft GUI [Please Click]

    I come to the skUnity community today asking for help on how to implement a custom trading / crafting gui into the game using skript and its addons. The Idea: Using skript and addons I would want to open a gui / inventory to a player, and be able to format certain slots, and allow the player to...
  15. Selvati

    Solved Drag and drop custom enchantments help!!

    Okay so I have been making custom lore enchantments, the last piece of this puzzle is to make a skript that allows the player to 'drag and drop' the custom enchantment book over certain items, and it should add a custom lore to the clicked item and remove 1 of the enchantment books from the...
  16. P

    Advanced Lore Help

    So I have tiered items on my server, and Im trying to make a skript to recognize the tier of the item, the problem is the item has other lore too, so when i try this command /exchange: executable by: players trigger: If lore of player's tool contains "&5Nightmare"...