[Urgent] Custom Craft Skript

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Oct 19, 2023
This is urgent and a bit last minute so excuse that. I need a Skript for 1.8.8 Spigot that makes a sword with a custom name. Details:
Sword Name: "&cHades Sword"
Sword Enchants / Effects: +15 hearts when held, slowness 2 when held, sharpness 6, unbreaking 3, Unbreakable
Sword Lore: n/a
Sword Craft:
Sharpness 5 Book Nether Star Unbreaking 3 Book
Potion of Slowness Nether Star Potion Of Regeneration
Enchanted Golden Apple Diamond Sword Enchanted Golden Apple
When I would Like it by:
ASAP - preferably within hours of this post going live. (Told you it was last minute)

Thanks, Epo___


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this might work
on load:
    set {_requirements::*} to enchanted book of sharpness 5, nether star, enchanted book of unbreaking 3, potion of long slowness, nether star, potion of strong regeneration, enchanted golden apple, diamond sword, enchanted golden apple
    register new shaped recipe for {_hadessword} named "&cHades Sword" using {_requirements::*} with id "hades_sword"